Treats for the girls on Christmas morning

I always like to give the girls treats for Christmas morning. This morning they had yogurt which is one of their favourites. I have also stocked up on some fish for them over the festive period and they have had sprout tops from the allotments too.

Sprout tops yesterday
They love their daily greens

Shadow and Smoke are still laying so we are lucky to have some eggs from them although it will only be a matter of time before Smoke will go broody.

There hasn’t been much to blog about recently as everything has been going along nicely in the chicken run with no drama which can only be a good thing.

We have had all our Christmas veg from the allotments with sprouts, parsnips and carrots plus beetroot for our salads and the girls have enjoyed the tops from the sprouts, carrots and beetroots.

Christmas yogurt for the girls
Yogurt beaks all round

I would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and here’s hoping for a better 2022 for us all.

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10 Responses to Treats for the girls on Christmas morning

  1. Sophie says:

    Merry Christmas Carol xx

    • Carol says:

      Thank you and to you too. Smoke laid us a Christmas egg today. xx

      • Sophie says:

        An egg – what’s an egg!!! Haven’t seen one of those in such a long time!! xx

        • Carol says:

          I know! It’s amazing. Smoke has always been our only winter layer in the past (apart from first year girls) and now we have Shadow laying too. I checked back on my record sheets and the only other time we have had a Christmas day egg was from Smoke in 2018. Other years she has laid before and after Christmas day or gone broody half way through December. xx

  2. David says:

    Season’s greetings, Carol. We are now getting a few eggs every day – 5 yesterday was the most since early September. Can’t get over the length of Spot’s impressive tail feathers!

    • Carol says:

      After Smoke’s Christmas day egg we had an egg from Shadow on Boxing day. Spot does have a long tail. When I look out of our bedroom window she is instantly recognisable from that distance by her long tail.

  3. marion says:

    So the girls had a happy christmas, with all their fresh vegetables.

    • Carol says:

      They did. They don’t know about Christmas of course but they do know that they like their treats and we were rewarded with eggs too from Smoke and Shadow.

  4. Jenny says:

    Happy Christmas to you, your family and your flock. I’m happy to hear you had Christmas eggs – I did too – in fact even better than that was that my Barnevelder bantam pullet Beatrix who I hatched this year laid her first egg on Christmas Day!!! What a great present.

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