Bluebell time in the garden

It’s been hard to get back to my blog after losing Amber. It’s odd when I go in the run and do a head count to see who is laying and count seven instead of eight. It’s odd in the morning when I poop pick the coop and Amber isn’t standing in the nest box watching me and chatting away.

The day she went the girls stayed together in a tight group all day. The first evening after she was gone the girls all perched up together on one perch instead of spread out like they usually do.

When I cleaned the coop in the morning the poop was all under one perch instead of spread out evenly as it usually is.

The oddest thing of all was that the next day Honey followed my every move as I poop picked the run all the time making a sad little whimpering noise. I really think she was missing Amber.

Everything moves on of course and I thought a good way to kick start the blog again was to look to the garden. It’s bluebell time in the garden so I thought would try to capture this.

Morning tulips among the bluebells

Morning tulips among the bluebells

Afternoon tulips among the bluebells

Afternoon tulips among the bluebells



Bluebells and helibore

Bluebells and helibore

Bluebells and helibores

Spring colour

I have been looking at recent photos of Amber and she looked so good. At least she went out on a high, looking her best and not suffering. We have two years of memories of her and I will always remember her when I see the bluebells.

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4 Responses to Bluebell time in the garden

  1. Jackie says:

    They are lovely as usual.
    I thought the others would miss her . As I have said before they are more like humans than we think .

    • Amber and Honey had their little spats from time to time but they were a pair and had been together since they were chicks so I think Honey is the one that has really missed her.

  2. Steve says:

    We have a single bluebell growing up through a crack in our shoddy looking concrete driveway. It’s funny to see a little sign of spring in the midst of something so ugly.

    • I seem to remember you saying something similar last year. Gardens take time and ours has had time to establish. Yours will too in the future. Take any sign of spring as a positive and I know you will transform the ugly in time.

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