Through with broodies for now and some group photos

Sugar had three nights in the broody crate and then was through with being broody. This works really well with Sugar.

Having three broody girls at once meant there wasn’t much egg laying going on. We have been getting just one or at best two eggs a day. This meant that I could keep the nest boxes closed and try to break all three girls at once.

The reason Sugar spends the nights in the broody crate is because she refuses to perch in the chicken shed when broody while Smoke and Ebony will perch. Sugar perches on the perch in the broody crate though. I think she doesn’t like sitting on the paper lining the crate.

For the last two nights I left Sugar in the run and she has perched at bedtime. It is so nice to see all the girls perching together.

Today I opened up the nest boxes and none of the girls that had been broody took any notice so I think they are now all through it. Hurrah!

As well as sharing our allotment produce with our neighbours the girls also get a share. They get to have anything that goes to seed.

The girls share our allotment produce

The girls also get any soft tomatoes and chopped tomatoes is one of their favourite things.

The girls love chopped tomato
A great way to get a group shot

It is so good to see all of the flock together again. I don’t suppose it will last long but I will enjoy it for now.

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6 Responses to Through with broodies for now and some group photos

  1. marion says:

    Good news.

  2. Sophie says:

    Peace for the moment! xx

  3. David says:

    Huge relief – long may it last ( but we know it won’t!)

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