Some information about bantam hamburgs

I am happy with how Spot is settling in. On her first evening I herded her towards the patio area before dusk so that she would settle somewhere near the chicken shed rather than perching out in the run.

Last night I went out a little bit later than the night before and Spot was settled on the chicken shed roof. Although she hadn’t found her way in, it’s early days yet, I was encouraged that she was heading in the right direction.

It made it easy for me to lift her from the chicken shed roof and put her on the side perch like I did the night before. I expect it will take a little while of doing this before she gets the hang of going in herself.

Spot at dusk

I thought I would give a bit of information about bantam hamburgs.

Hamburgs have a german name but are generally considered to have originated in Holland.

They are active, flighty birds. They are good egg producers of small white eggs and start laying at about six months old.

They rarely ever go broody and are very cold hardy. They have a rose comb and no feathers on their feet or legs which are a slate blue colour. They come in many feather colours.

I would add, now having spot, that they have big feet and long legs and a fairly long neck. She reminds me of a smaller version of a game bird. She is also very speedy. In size Spot is in between Flame and the seramas.

I think Spot is the perfect addition to our flock.

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4 Responses to Some information about bantam hamburgs

  1. marion says:

    She looks so tiny on the chicken shed, It is good that they are hardy birds

  2. David says:

    May she have a long and healthy life. I think I have said that my first ever poultry was a trio of golden-spangled hamburgs. They were hardy and very good fliers! In the early days, as we free ranged at the time, they disappeared into woodland and were missing for 2 days and nights. I really thought we had lost them, but they returned on the 3rd day and never vanished again. The three were long lived (lost the first at 6) and we ran the cockerel with the rest of our flock, producing some very colourful chicks. One of the hens never went broody, but the other did, quite persistently! I wish you the best of luck with Spot = they are quite majestic birds.

    • Carol says:

      Spot is definitely very flighty and I am glad that my run is contained and roofed. She is also very very fast. I put it down to those long legs. I love all the colours and would love to own some but the breeder near us has only the one colour. Spot is already getting used to me and runs for the treats along with the rest of the girls.

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