Spot has been with our flock two weeks today

After two weeks with us it’s as if Spot has always been part of the flock. She has fitted in so easily.

Spot after two weeks with us
Spot shows off her long neck as she looks at me

After numerous dust baths Spot still has discoloured wing and tail feathers. The run she had been kept in must have reddish soil and as it was muddy it has stained her feathers.

I have toyed with the idea of giving her a bath but have decided to leave her be as I don’t want to stress her and prefer not to give baths so late in the year. The feathers are also quite tatty so she may moult them.

Hamburgs usually start to lay at six months but I think it’s too late in the year for Spot to lay this year. I am expecting Spot to start laying in the spring. Her comb isn’t red yet.

Despite her stained and tatty feathers I think she is beautiful and she will become more beautiful as she matures. She is a lovely girl.

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6 Responses to Spot has been with our flock two weeks today

  1. Sophie says:

    She is very beautiful! xx

  2. Carol says:

    I think so too, even with her mucky feathers. xx

  3. marion says:

    She certainly is a lovely girl, and now a very lucky girl to live with you to look after her.

  4. David says:

    A real beauty, with a lovely shape.

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