A fish treat for the new year

Yesterday I gave the girls their first fish treat of the new year.

The girls have some new year fish
The first fish treat of the year
They love some fish
This won’t last long

Smoke and Shadow are both still laying. Smoke has had a good run and I keep expecting her to go broody any day now. Smoke has been laying for a month which is a really good run for her. Shadow has been laying for two months.

I have noticed that Spot’s comb is beginning to get pink. It’s not red like Smoke and Shadow’s comb but it was grey up until now and is now getting a slight pink tinge to it.

Spot’s comb is getting a bit pink

It will be interesting to see how soon Spot starts laying and how well she lays. It will also be interesting to see what size her eggs are. I am looking forward to watching her mature and start to lay.

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6 Responses to A fish treat for the new year

  1. Sophie says:

    What a pretty delicate looking girl Spot is – hope she lays for you soon. xx

  2. Carol says:

    Spot is a pretty girl. I don’t mind when she starts laying really, I am just intrigued to see how she does. Most of my girls start laying again in February and March so that is when I would expect her to start. I will take photos again when her comb goes properly red.

  3. marion says:

    Spot stands out, she is so bright, lovely. Looks as though they are enjoying,their treat

  4. David says:


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