Mixing the girls

This afternoon I mixed the girls for the first time. I decided to leave the new girls part of the run closed and just open their gate to let them into the main flocks part of the run before closing it again.

I didn’t want the main flock to go in the separated part of the run and trash it. I know from the past that they would be straight in there and soon have dirt flicked in the food and water.

Gold was the first through the gate and as soon as Spot saw her she was straight over to her. They raised their ruffs at each other. Spot chased Gold on to the wooden block and aimed a swift peck to her head.

Then it was all over as quickly as it had began. Spot won the spat and after that she totally ignored Gold and the other two new girls.

The seramas took no notice of Snowflake at all. I wonder if it’s because she looks similar to them or if it is because they sense she is no threat.

Flame had been laying her egg and when she joined the flock she kept well out of the way of the new girls. Flame made a mournful sound as if she wasn’t happy having them close and she kept her distance.

There was one moment when Spangle rose up in front of Storm and made herself as tall as possible but no attempt at pecking. Sugar also briefly chased the new girls away. Salmon who is top serama took no notice of the new girls what so ever.

I’m not ready to leave them alone together just yet so I opened the gate and let the new girls back into their space.

Spot rushed over to Gold
Spot gives gold a quick peck on the head
The seramas took no notice of Snowflake
Gold and Storm explore a different part of the run
Spot now ignores the three new girls
Flame arrives after laying her egg and keeps her distance from the three new girls
Spangle made herself tall in front of Storm

I think it went really well and I don’t think there will be any problems. Spot had to show Gold she was above her but it was all very fast and soon resolved. Afterwards Spot refused to look at the new girls while pottering around them.

I will give them some time together every day until it’s time to mix them.

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6 Responses to Mixing the girls

  1. Sophie says:

    What a relief – so nice to have easy integrations! xx

    • Carol says:

      It is. I had this awful moment when Spot ran to Gold and I was worried how it was going to go and then it was over in seconds and I felt so relieved. I think it will be straight forward now. xx

  2. marion says:

    Well done girls.

  3. David says:

    All really positive. On a separate note, Spot’s readiness for laying looks hugely evident – will look forward to reading when she starts.

    • Carol says:

      Spot is so ready. I think it might be today. Yesterday she was practising in the nest boxes. I keep imaging that it will be my next post.

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