Lots of nest box activity and Salmon’s first egg of the year

At the moment it seems that every day I wonder who is going to be the next girl to lay.

Spot looked so ready to lay with her daily practising and then she seemed to give up and has stopped visiting the nest box for now without laying an egg. In the meantime Sugar started laying.

Then Gold looked like she was going to be the next girl to lay. She has been squatting every time I get near her and she has also had a few visits to the nest box today.

Then it looked like it was going to be Snowflake next to lay. She has been very vocal for the last few days. Today she had a scratch around in all three nest boxes. She eventually settled in the nest box by the gate and was in there for about an hour. I was sure she was going to lay but she too left the nest box without laying.

While Snowflake was in the nest box Storm hung around outside the whole time. She was looking in or pecking at the shavings that Snowflake had scratched out.

Next it was Salmon in the nest box and she came out shouting. Salmon has laid her first egg of the year and it has a good shell. That is such a relief. It did have her trade mark poop next to it and it’s bigger in size than Sugar’s eggs.

Next Spangle went in the nest box to take a look at Salmon’s egg.

Gold has several visits to the nest box
Salmon goes in the nest box
Spangle investigates the nest box
Spangle takes a look at Salmon’s egg
Snowflake is settled in the nest box
Storm kept watch outside Snowflake’s nest box

In other news on their fifth night together both Gold and Snowflake found their own way in at bedtime and perched on the back perch with the rest of the flock. They have continued to go in each night since.

Storm is still perching on the edge of the nest box next to the chicken shed and I am putting her in but I am sure she will get the hang the of it soon.

Gold now jumps on my back when I poop pick the run like Speckles used to. She rides on my back and steps of on to a perch. Storm also jumped on my back yesterday.

If I hold my arm out to Gold she will jump on.

If I hold out my arm Gold will jump on

I am amazed at how tame Gold and Storm are. I also think Snowflake is getting more used to me now that I don’t have to pick her up at bedtime. I am sure that like Spot she will come round eventually.

I wonder which girl will be next to lay. Never a dull moment in the chicken run!


When I checked on the girls at dusk tonight Storm had gone in the chicken shed herself and perched on the back perch with the rest of the girls. Hurrah! I think we have cracked it.

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6 Responses to Lots of nest box activity and Salmon’s first egg of the year

  1. sophie says:

    Lots of excitement at the moment! I think Gold is on track to being a great favourite with you! xx

    • Carol says:

      There is lots of excitement at the moment. All the nest box activity is happening at once. I have never had a girl as tame as Gold before. She doesn’t leave me alone! xx

  2. David says:

    It’s all happening! Exciting times and delighted about Salmon.

    • Carol says:

      It does all seem to be happening at the moment. I was so pleased with Salmon. She has her scary moments and then she seems good again. It has been the same in the past but I never know with her and it is always a relief when she can lay okay.

  3. marion says:

    The girls are so tame, in such a short time. Glad to hear that Salmon has laid her egg, safe and sound. Looks as though you will soon be getting lots of eggs.

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