First eggs

Today I felt that it was going to be a race between Gold and Snowflake to get their first egg laid.

Gold was the first to settle in a nest box this morning. Snowflake was in and out of the nest boxes. Gold was in the nest box next to the store cabinet. Snowflake eventually settled in the nest box next to the gate which was the one she settled in the day before yesterday.

Gold is in the nest box again
Snowflake is also in the nest box again

A little later Gold came out of the nest box shouting. I checked and there was her first egg.

Gold’s first egg on the left

On the left is Gold’s first egg followed by Salmon’s egg then next is Sugar’s egg and Flame’s egg is on the right.

About an hour later I was cleaning up in the run when Snowflake left the nest box and there was her first egg.

Snowflake’s first egg on the left

Snowflake’s egg is on the left and is bigger than Gold’s and darker in colour. Both Gold’s and Snowflake’s eggs have the same long shape. A similar line up for comparison with Snowflake’s on the left followed by Gold’s, with Salmon’s egg in the middle, which is rounder and bigger than Sugar’s egg which is next and Flame’s larger egg on the right.

Well done both Gold and Snowflake! I am so proud of them. According to the breeder the new girls would be five months old now but I think perhaps they are six months old as that is the usual time to start laying.

I think perhaps she gave me the age of the youngest and possibly Storm is five months old and Gold and Snowflake six months old. Storm looks younger than these two.

The odd thing is that Spot is now eleven months old and has yet to lay her first egg. I am really surprised that Gold and Snowflake have beaten Spot to it and what a coincidence that they have both laid their first egg on the same day.

There should be no need to buy anymore eggs now until the end of the summer. Hurrah!

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6 Responses to First eggs

  1. David says:

    Brilliant news – two more layers, and decent sizes for first eggs. Spot has me non-plussed, but she will lay in her own time, I know.

    • Carol says:

      Spot is a mystery. She seemed so ready and then lost interest. I think it may be to do with the time of year that they are hatched. The breeder said that Spot was five months in September when we took her and that had she been hatched earlier she would have been laying but just missed her chance as it was too late in the year. Spangle hasn’t started yet either so I am sure they will start in their own time.

  2. Sophie says:

    How eggciting!!! Strange that Snowflake’s egg is bigger than Gold’s!!


  3. marion says:

    Well done girls. So many eggs to look forward to.

    • Carol says:

      Sugar and Flame laid this morning and then Gold laid again and then Snowflake. Not only our first four egg day of the year but I am amazed that with Gold and Snowflake just laying their first egg yesterday they have laid their second today. It looks as if these two girls are going to be good layers. We now have loads of eggs in the fridge.

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