More nest box activity

Yesterday was another day of lots of nest box activity. Sugar was in her usual nest box next to the chicken shed. She has now been broody two days short of three weeks and shows no sign of coming out of it.

Gold was in the nest box next to the store cabinet. The nest box by the gate was empty.

The race is on for who will lay next. Yesterday I was sure it was going to be Spangle. Spangle was being very vocal. She wanted the nest box Gold was in. I tried putting Spangle in the empty nest box but she didn’t want that one.

Storm was also looking in the nest boxes and had been scratching shavings out of all three nest boxes.

Storm joins Gold while Spangle looks on
Spangle joins Gold
Spangle goes in the nest box once Gold had laid and vacated it
Spangles settles in the nest box

Spangle was shouting all the time that Gold was in the nest box as that’s where she wanted to be. Once Gold had laid and left the nest box Spangle went straight in. I kept checking back on her and she was settled in the nest box. I felt sure she was ready to lay.

After about an hour in the nest box Spangle came out. I checked and there was no egg! These girls seem to need an awful lot of practice.

I think spangle will probably lay soon but so far today she isn’t bothering with the nest box.

Spot is a mystery though. She is a year old this month and after her spell of practising in the nest box she has shown no further interest. I find that very odd.

We have plenty of eggs though with three good layers at the moment. Gold lays up to four days running and Snowflake up to two days running. Flame lays every other day and occasionally two days running. Between them we have all the eggs we can eat.

It will be interesting to see which girl lays next.

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6 Responses to More nest box activity

  1. David says:

    Your good supply should soon become very good! Broodiness could be an issue, I suppose, but the girls laying seem to be in peak condition. Spot continues to be a real mystery.

    • Carol says:

      Once we have more girls laying I will start giving eggs to the neighbours. The issue with Sugar is how long she will go on for. Smoke always started to loosen out of it after a couple of weeks but Sugar, last year, went four weeks the first time until I felt that I had to break her from it as she was loosing condition. I am really hoping that this time she will start to come out of it at three weeks but if she doesn’t I think I will have to try to break her. It will be tricky with so many girls needing to lay. I will give it a bit longer before deciding what to do. Spot looks in amazing condition with a fabulous comb which is like a crown. It really is a mystery.

  2. Sophie says:

    Love the pic of Spangle watching in interest xx

  3. marion says:

    I guess she will soon be laying. Lovely to have all the eggs you need.

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