Climbing rose

Every year at this time our climbing rose looks spectacular.

Roses heading up the garden path
Over the cabin roof
Over the arch
Close up

I know I photograph this rose every year but I can’t help it. It is so beautiful.

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5 Responses to Climbing rose

  1. Marion Pharo says:

    A beautiful sight, do they smell as well? I bet they make you feel happy, just walking past.

  2. Sophie says:

    It’s Albertine isn’t it! The most beautiful pink ever!! xx

    • Carol says:

      it’s Paul’s Himalayan Musk. It was a moving in gift when we moved here fifteen years ago. Our friend and neighbour had one which we always admired so she bought us one. It was about three or four feet high when she gave it to us and she told us at the time that it was fast growing. xx

      • Carol says:

        I have just googled Albertine and it is similar. I think that’s the one we have on the other side of the garden that was already here when we moved in. It has smaller blooms and is slower growing but they are both David Austin roses.

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