Flame is better and the girls have a fish treat

I haven’t seen flame close her eye since last Sunday when she went broody. It was an inconvenient time for her to go broody as it’s made it more difficult to watch her.

I have tried when possible to spy on Flame through the pop hole to check her eyes are open as I wondered if she would open them when she hears me opening the chicken shed door.

I get Flame out of the chicken shed for a break several times a day. She has had her eyes open all the time but being broody she does everything at speed. It’s water then food then a speedy dust bath and then a quick preen of her feathers and back in again.

However I am convinced that she is back to normal and we gave her her last eye drops on Friday so that she had had a full week on them.

To celebrate I gave the girls a fish treat this morning which gave me a chance to photograph the whole flock together. I lifted Flame out to join the girls and she happily joined in with the fish treat.

A fish treat for the girls
A great way to get some group photos
The girls love a fish treat
Flame is looking good

From the back and left to right we have Salmon and in front of her we have Storm and Sugar. Next is Dot then Snowflake then Flame. In front we have Spangle and Gold in the foreground.

It was only a few minutes before the fish dishes were empty.

I am happy with how Flame is looking. I am hopeful that at six years old we have swerved a problem for her and given her the chance to go on to reach a good age.

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6 Responses to Flame is better and the girls have a fish treat

  1. Sophie says:

    So pleased that she’s better and I’m sure they all enjoyed the fish! xx

    • Carol says:

      They all enjoyed the fish. I hate to say this but we have a set back. We gave Flame the eye drops yesterday and not today. When I got her out for her last break of the day she sat with her right eye closed. I am so disappointed as I really thought she was better. We decided to resume the eye drops again but I know that she can’t just stay on them. I think I will try to break her broodiness so that I can watch her all the time. I didn’t do this before as it felt mean while she had a problem but I think that I need to be able to deal with one thing at a time. After all if she isn’t sitting in the broody crate she would only be sitting in the chicken shed and I feel I need to be able watch over her better. xx

  2. David says:

    Disappointing, but hopefully only a blip in the recovery process. Lovely photos, as always.

  3. Marion Pharo says:

    Pleased to hear Flame is better. Nice picture of all the girls.

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