We have two broodies

There have been several times when I thought that Gold was going broody and it was a false alarm. This time though she is definitely broody.

I felt it was coming as over the past week Gold has gradually spent longer and longer in the nest box and liked to sit on her egg for a while before leaving the nest box.

Yesterday after gold had laid and I had lifted her from the nest box she kept returning. Gold was still there at the end of the day and I lifted her and perched her in the chicken shed.

Gold stayed on the perch but was back in the nest box this morning and went back to the nest box again each time I lifted her out for a break.

Gold is broody
Gold has a very ragged tail

Gold, Snowflake and Dot all have some ragged tail feathers. They will be pristine again after the end of year moult.

Gold is typical of a broody girl in that she will just sit where I put her until I move her on. She has a lovely friendly nature and is docile when lifted from the nest box.

Gold had a dust bath, food and water and then returned to the nest box. Gold is not meant to be a broody breed but I guess there are always exceptions. She has been a good layer for three months now.

Sugar also went broody again yesterday. As our serial broody Sugar has laid her regulation eight eggs before going broody. She has gone broody every eight eggs this year.

Sugar is also broody

Sugar is a bit of an angry broody. When I lift her out of the nest box she will chase away any girl who dares to come near her. She will often shout too. Luckily she is fine with me though and has never pecked me.

Oh well, we seem to be having a spell of broody girls! I should be used to it by now.

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Flame is back to normal

Flame has now had two full days without her eye drops and I haven’t seen her close her right eye at all. She looks back to normal.

The last time we missed just one eye drop her eye started closing again. I think we must have stopped too soon. This time we have missed four eye drops and haven’t seen her eye close at all. She looks completely back to normal.

Flame’s right eye today
Flame’s left eye

I am happy that Flame is back to normal, hurrah!

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Flame is through her broody spell

This morning I put Flame back in the run. At first I left the nest boxes closed but when she showed no sign of going towards them I opened them and she took no notice. She is through her broody spell.

Flame is back with her flock mates.

I think Flame was really pleased to be back with the flock. I haven’t seen her with her eyes closed for the last couple of days so we are stopping the eye drops again today. I will keep a close watch on her and see how she goes.

Flame has been eating, drinking, dust bathing and doing all the usual chicken things. She does sit in the shade quite a bit but that is her age and is usual for her.

I am hopeful that she will be okay. I will be watching over her and will be updating her progress.

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Flame has a set back

We thought Flame was better and stopped giving her the eye drops on Friday. Yesterday when I lifted her for a break from the chicken shed at the end of the day she had her right eye closed again. I was so disappointed.

Flame when I lifted her from the chicken shed Saturday afternoon

I decided I needed to break her from her broodiness so that I could keep a better watch over her. We also decided to continue with her eye drops. I know she can’t stay on them forever but it seems that after missing a day her eye is closing again so there is nothing to lose for now by continuing them.

I decided to start Flame in the broody crate at the end of the day. It usually takes two days and two or three nights to break her. I hadn’t wanted to do this earlier as it seemed mean when she already had a problem. In reality though there is not much difference for her to be sitting in a crate or sitting in the corner of the shed.

I put in a dish of water, a dish of mash and a perch. I watched over Flame once she was in and she had a good feed from the mash first which was good to see.

Flame then went straight to the perch and started preening. This is also good because in the chicken shed she won’t perch. I have tried perching her at the end of the day and she would drop back down again yet in the crate she will perch.

Flame preening and showing her right eye
Preening and showing her left eye which is more round and open

Once Flame had finished preening she settled down on the perch.

Flame’s right eye as she settles on the perch
At rest Flame’s right eye closes

As she was settled I closed up the shed for the night.

I feel certain that the problem is just an eye problem as if it was something respiratory or some other underlying problem it would effect both eyes. Flame has been rubbing at her eye with her claws which of course is not helpful but shows that it is irritating her.

This morning I closed the nest boxes and shed pop hole and put Flame back in the run for a break. Flame wasn’t interested and when she couldn’t get in the shed she sat on top of a nest box.

We gave her the eye drop and I returned her to the crate. I will do the usual of closing the nest boxes and giving Flame a break in the run several times throughout the day.

I will continue until I break Flame of her broody spell and will continue with the eye drops until they run out. I will then have a chat with the vet to see what we should do going forward.

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Flame is better and the girls have a fish treat

I haven’t seen flame close her eye since last Sunday when she went broody. It was an inconvenient time for her to go broody as it’s made it more difficult to watch her.

I have tried when possible to spy on Flame through the pop hole to check her eyes are open as I wondered if she would open them when she hears me opening the chicken shed door.

I get Flame out of the chicken shed for a break several times a day. She has had her eyes open all the time but being broody she does everything at speed. It’s water then food then a speedy dust bath and then a quick preen of her feathers and back in again.

However I am convinced that she is back to normal and we gave her her last eye drops on Friday so that she had had a full week on them.

To celebrate I gave the girls a fish treat this morning which gave me a chance to photograph the whole flock together. I lifted Flame out to join the girls and she happily joined in with the fish treat.

A fish treat for the girls
A great way to get some group photos
The girls love a fish treat
Flame is looking good

From the back and left to right we have Salmon and in front of her we have Storm and Sugar. Next is Dot then Snowflake then Flame. In front we have Spangle and Gold in the foreground.

It was only a few minutes before the fish dishes were empty.

I am happy with how Flame is looking. I am hopeful that at six years old we have swerved a problem for her and given her the chance to go on to reach a good age.

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Flame is broody

At the same time that Sugar came back into lay Flame went broody. We seem to constantly have five out of eight girls laying!

This does make it easy to pick Flame up for her eye drops but then she is easy to pick up anyway.

We are so lucky that Flame is a docile and placid girl. We have had angry broody seramas in the past who would peck me. As Flame is our biggest and heaviest girl it is so good that she isn’t an angry broody and I can pick her up easily without ever worrying about her pecking.

I am lifting her out for a break several times a day plus twice a day for her eye drops. It makes it a little harder to see what is going on with her but every time I have opened the chicken shed door her eyes have been open.

Broody Flame when I lift her from the chicken shed
Flame just sits where I put her until I move her on

Flame has her right eye open so that’s good.

Flame and Storm together in the chicken shed

Storm likes to sit next to Flame when she lays her egg and she also often perches next to Flame at bedtime.

When I next checked Storm was out and Flame was sitting on Storm’s little egg. Despite their difference in size and age these two are often together.

I will keep going with the eye drops until I am absolutely sure that Flame is no longer closing her right eye. I want to be sure she is really over this before I stop and she is so good at letting us handle her. She is a sweet girl.

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Before I update on chicken progress I just have to put out one photo of the next rose.

Another rose

This rose was already here when we moved in fifteen years ago but was hidden behind shrubs. Since we gave it room it has spread and it flowers from now until the first frosts.

Group photo

I thought it would be good to get a group photo while the girls had their greens this morning. They are such a pretty flock.

Flame had seemed completely back to normal since her first eye drops at the vet on Thursday and we were thinking we might stop giving them to her.

Then today for the first time since her vet visit she had her right eye closed this afternoon so we have decided to carry on with them. I have just checked on her again and her eye is open but we will keep going for longer and keep watching her closely.

In other news Sugar laid an egg yesterday for the first time since her latest broody spell and as usual for her it was two weeks after I broke her out of her broodiness.

Spangle only laid five eggs this year before she stopped and had a partial moult. It’s now six weeks since she last laid.

Salmon hasn’t started to lay this year but she looks really amazing with a lovely red face and comb. I am quite happy to have her never lay again as long as she stays healthy.

Dot laid four eggs each one four days apart and then stopped and hasn’t laid for two weeks now. She has been moulting too. I think perhaps because she matured at the end of last year she has started an early moult and may resume laying when she stops dropping feathers.

Flame, Gold, Snowflake and Storm are all laying well. With Sugar back in lay we now have five out of eight girls laying and yesterday had a five egg day.

We have now had enough eggs to give some to our neighbours on either side of us and still plenty for us to have them as often as we want. Well done girls!

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Flame has a visit to the vet

On Wednesday I thought that there was a slight improvement with Flame. On Thursday she seemed worse. She spent most of the first half of the day with her eyes closed and her head under her wing.

Flame was like this most of Thursday morning

I decided that it was time to take Flame to the vet. I got an appointment for three o’clock.

When it was time to put Flame in the cat box she was enjoying a lovely dust bath with her right eye closed. I tried rattling the sunflower seeds and calling her but she was enjoying her dust bath so much that she ignored me.

I had to lift Flame out of her dust bath. She didn’t shake herself so I stood her on the chicken’s patio and tried my best to pat some of the dust off her. It doesn’t work nearly as well as a chicken shake but it couldn’t be helped as it was time to go.

The lovely vet put some drops in Flame’s eye so that she would be able to see if there was any cut or scratch. She couldn’t see anything. She lifted her eye lid and couldn’t see anything there either.

The vet gave me some eye drops for Flame, Isathal, which is an ointment rather than liquid. The drops have a bit of pain killer in them too. The vet applied the first dose to Flame’s eye while I held Flame steady. They need to be applied twice a day morning and evening but I could give Flame a second dose later that evening.

The vet asked me to call on Saturday with a progress report.

As soon as Flame was back in the run she continued her dust bath. After that she was pottering around the run and her eye was open. Flame looked as if she was feeling better already.

Flame’s right eye at the end of the day after her first drops

I couldn’t believe how much better Flame looked after just her first eye drops. Her eye is obviously now feeling more comfortable. I kind of wish I had gone sooner but I am just glad that I went when I did. Hopefully Flame is now on the mend.

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Flame has a problem

For the last few days Flame was spending the days with her eyes closed. She was sitting with her head under her wing which is unusual for her and her eyes closed or she was sitting or even standing with her eyes closed.

It looked as if she just couldn’t keep her eyes open. I thought at first that she was just really feeling her age and then I started to think maybe she was getting to the end of her life.

But she looks great and has a red comb. She laid an egg both yesterday and the day before. She had a dust bath yesterday but even then had her eyes closed.

She also had her eyes closed when she was in the corner of the shed laying her egg.

Flame is also eating, drinking, going to the grit and having the treats.

Then when she was face on to us we realised that she had one eye open and one eye shut. It wasn’t that she couldn’t keep her eyes open it was that she had a problem with one eye. It is her right eye which had been facing us most of the time. She had her right eye closed and the other eye open.

When Flame did open her right eye I couldn’t see anything wrong with it but it was obviously really bothering her.

I googled the problem but just kept finding questions such as is it weeping and is it cloudy and nothing helpful to do for it. When Flame does open her right eye I can’t see anything wrong with it. I can only conclude that she must have scratched it.

Flame with her head under her wing and her eyes closed
Flame in the corner of the shed getting ready to lay her egg with her eye closed
Flame with her right eye closed but her left eye open
Flame’s right eye when open

This has been three days now. I don’t think there is anything we can do to help her. I think we have to wait and see what happens.

I really hope that it will get better on it’s own in time. It is obviously making Flame feel out of sorts as she has had her head under her wing and sometimes she has perched in the chicken shed.

Flame is always the first to go in at the end of the day but is going in earlier than usual. I really hopes this gets better soon. I feel so sorry for her and so helpless.

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The arrival of our Granddaughter

Wildflowers from the allotment

My eldest son and daughter in law have boys of five and two. On Thursday 9th June at 7.07 in the morning their daughter arrived, three weeks early, weighing six pounds and nine ounces. Mother and baby are well and the boys are super excited about their new sister’s arrival.

This is wonderful happy news and we can’t wait to meet her.

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