Lovely eggs for breakfast

It was a bit of a manic day yesterday so not much time for photos. We had a bigger and smaller egg each for both Saturday and Sunday breakfast and they were lovely. It is so nice having our own eggs again.

Sunday breakfast eggs

Sunday breakfast eggs

And in the pan

And in the pan

Once in the pan their isn’t such a noticeable difference in the size. The smaller eggs are at the front of the pan. They were delicious.

I mixed the girls for an hour in the afternoon and it wasn’t too bad. Rusty was still going after the new girls when ever they got any where near her but I dug the run over to occupy the original flock and that seemed to help.

The new girls had moments of being a bit braver and venturing away from the bottom part of the run. I think it is gradually getting better. Just got to stick with it.

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2 Responses to Lovely eggs for breakfast

  1. Marion Pharo says:

    Good, you are getting there. Lovely eggs.

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