We have a new television

We bought our television when we moved to this house ten years ago. We wanted something small so that it would hardly be noticeable as we have tried to keep with the Edwardian style of the house and didn’t want something modern to jump out.

People have laughed at it and said that they thought it was our lap top rather than a television but we have always been used to a small T.V. so we were fine with it. Over the last few years though our eyesight has deteriorated a bit and we found that neither of us could read anything on our T.V. any longer.

I would pause the T.V. and stand in front of it to read out loud anything written. We could no longer read sub titles or text on phones or football scores. We decided it was time to move to the next size up. One size up would still fit the small corner where it lives.

We were surprised to find that they are not very expensive. Yesterday we bought one and set it up and oh my goodness, what a difference! We are suddenly able to see every bit of writing. It has made a huge difference to us. We wonder why we didn’t do this before. It still feels like we are watching someone else’s T.V. at the moment. It is so amazing to be able to see everything that is written and every detail that we didn’t even realise we were missing. Lines on faces and beads of sweat. Yes Steve, I know you will be wanting to say “I told you so”.

Old T.V.

Old T.V.

New T.V.

New T.V.

Oddly enough in the photographs it doesn’t look that much different and yet it makes a massive difference to us. The screen is much wider and perhaps because it’s ten years newer there is much sharper detail. We have also put the D.V.D. player in a different spot underneath the drawers which makes the T.V. look slightly lower.

We are so pleased that we finally got around to changing this. We just hadn’t realised how much difference it would make to us. Better late than never, we can enjoy detail once more.

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8 Responses to We have a new television

  1. Steve says:

    I told you so.

  2. Steve says:

    If you look at the size of the actual screen it’s a lot bigger than the old one, because the old one (which looks like some kind of antique) had a thick plastic bezel around the screen. The picture will also be a lot sharper on the new screen as the old one wasn’t full HD.

    • That’s why the photo doesn’t show the true difference in the size. The old one had a thick frame plus a wide strip at the bottom. The new one has hardly any frame at all. It makes a lot more difference to us than you can see from the photos.

  3. Marion Pharo says:

    Looks good, we dont know how you managed with such a small screen, but then Bob has to have a big scseen ,because of his eyes.

  4. Flock Mistress says:

    OH, how nice. We live in a tiny house too and finding small items that fit is a challenge. But technology has really advanced and you wonder how you lived w/ out this new item so quickly.

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