Speckles and Freckles egg

Yesterday Speckles and Freckles laid their eggs together. Freckles doesn’t seem to mind who lays their eggs in the same nest box as her. She is happy to share and she likes to gather any eggs underneath her and will happily sit on them until she has laid her own egg.

Surprisingly, despite this, she hasn’t gone broody yet and is in fact our best layer. Her record is now laying four days in a row. When I saw Speckles and Freckles eggs side by side in the nest box it made me smile because Speckles lays the biggest eggs and Freckles lays the smallest eggs.

Speckles and Freckles eggs

Speckles and Freckles egg

You have to smile at these eggs.

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4 Responses to Speckles and Freckles egg

  1. Marion Pharo says:

    All lovely eggs.

    • I am really enjoying being to eat as many eggs as we want. We had soft boiled eggs a couple of days ago and had three each. I did them for three minutes and they were perfect. I have got cooking bantam eggs down to a fine art. I just love them.

  2. David Anderson says:

    Yes – they are extremes – like with mine, Jappy’s at one extreme andBL’s at the other (mind you, I have no idea what breed she is, or even if she is a bantam – a hatchling from bantam-sized eggs in September 2015, but I suspect her father must have been large fowl!)

    • It is funny how much they vary in size. Most of the bigger girls are a similar size with Barley’s being the smallest and just Speckles being really large. Only three little girls laying so far but Rusty’s eggs are always bigger than Freckles tiny eggs and Dandelion’s was smaller still but that may be because it was her first one.

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