The chicken shelter

I am pleased with the chicken shelter as both the little girls and the bigger girls seem to like it. I have at different times seen every girl go in to it.

Apricot in the shelter

Freckles perches in the shelter

Yesterday when I was in the run there was a heavy shower which was very loud on the roof. The bigger girls and Rusty ran straight to the shelter. By the time I had got my camera Rusty had left. It makes me laugh how even though the run is roofed and dry they still run to the shelter when it rains.

The bigger girls in the shelter

This gives me hope that during bad weather, cold or windy, they may actually perch in the shelter. It will also double as shade during hot days.

I went back a bit later when it was raining again. Apricot seems to prefer the shelf at the back.

Apricot and Dandelion are in the shelter

Speckles is in the other shelter

Peaches and Barley were also in here but left when I went in.

Rusty joins Apricot and Dandelion in the shelter

Freckles joins them

They turn to face the front

Only Cinnamon is missing from the little girls but I think she wanted to lay her egg. She was near the patio.

They dust bath under it, perch at the front or sit on the flat wooden bit and stand or sit on top of it, so it has lots of uses. Also having two shelters means that there is room for all the girls. They do seem to like to be in there when it rains even though the run is mostly dry.

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  1. Marion Pharo says:

    It is so nice for them,They look happy in there.

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