Broody Rusty

Five seramas and four laying at any one time. They take it in turns to go broody but I feel blessed that so far it’s only one at a time and I seem able to break them in three days by simply removing them from their chosen spot each time I go in to them.

For the last few days it’s been Rusty’s turn. She had taken to laying in the corner of the chicken shed under her nighttime roost.

Freckles and Dandelion also like to lay in that same spot so I have been closing the shed when they have laid but leaving it open when I think they are ready to lay. The day before yesterday I closed it as they had laid the day before and that kept Rusty out in the run during the day.

Yesterday I knew Dandelion and Freckles were due to lay so I left the shed open. Although Rusty had spent the day in the run the day before and doesn’t attempt to go in the nest boxes (only the corner of the shed will do) as soon as the shed was open she wanted her spot back.

Dandelion had settled herself in the corner spot. I heard Dandelion squeaking a protest and went to investigate. Rusty had climbed over her to get to the corner spot and was sitting half on top of her.

Rusty is practically sitting on top of Dandelion

Rusty is determined to get her corner spot

I ended up removing Rusty to the run and putting Dandelion in a nest box and then closing the pop hole to the shed. This meant Rusty stayed out in the run and luckily Dandelion settled in the nest box and got her egg laid followed by Freckles.

Dandelion is the only one not to go broody so far and Cinnamon has only gone broody once for just a day.

Apricot also laid her first, super tiny, egg after being broody two weeks ago. It seems that one gets back into lay as the next one goes broody or visa versa. They are providing us with enough eggs to keep us going though so I am happy with that.

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4 Responses to Broody Rusty

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Funny little girls.

  2. David Anderson says:

    Beautifully captured! Egg production waning here – moult has started and I have 7 broody! That silkie gene!

  3. Oh I feel for you. Rusty is out of it now. It is taking two weeks before laying again but so far I always have four out of five laying with an average of three eggs a day so they are keeping up with egg production for us.

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