Serama feet

I recently did a post about how big Cinnamon’s feet are for her small size compared to the bigger girl’s feet. I put out this photo.

Cinnamon’s feet compared to the bigger girls

I said that I would do a follow up post comparing Cinnamon’s feet to the rest of the seramas. It wasn’t so easy to get clear shots of feet so it’s taken a while to get round to this post.

I think compared to the two bigger girls seramas do have quite big feet for their small size. My two bantam vorwerks, Amber and Honey, were twice the seramas size and had the tiniest and daintiest of feet. Cinnamon’s feet are thicker than the rest of the seramas though and I put this down to her love of digging. She is also the tiniest girl so it makes them appear bigger.

Cinnamon is half the size of Freckles, our other straight feathered, girl. I would like to do a side by side comparison but amongst the flock these two are the least of friends so getting them in the same shot is tricky. That will be another, future, post.

Get ready for lots of photos and concentrate on the feet.


Apricot’s feet



Dandelion’s feet

Rusty’s feet

Freckles feet

Cinnamon with Speckles and Dandelion

Cinnamon’s feet

Cinnamon likes to dig

She digs with fury

I think Cinnamon’s toes are thicker and less dainty than the other seramas because she is always digging. I love her tiny size, her big, digger feet and her big personality. She is a little girl with big attitude.

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  1. marion.pharo says:

    They are all cute.

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