The garden is amazing

I love the way our garden has evolved over the eleven years we have been here. It started out as mainly lawn and we gradually removed the lawn and planted every square inch. We wanted it to be as low maintenance as possible.

Over time we added the cabin for our business, the chicken run, which we went on to extend, a shed and a vegetable plot, plus patio areas to sit in the sun and planting to maintain privacy. It has all evolved into a very pleasing outlook.

I rescued this from our hanging basket and now it looks lovely over the path

The anemones look lovely in front of the chicken run

Lilies do really well in our garden

This one is beautiful

More anemones by the arches and roses in the bacground

The veg plot and our patio beyond it

We have found that some plants don’t like our garden and we have let them go and other plants love our garden and thrive. It has evolved to be full of the plants that can survive with little help from us. We just tweak it here and there to keep it looking as good as we can get it.

We get a lot of pleasure from our garden. The chickens and a few veggies add to the pleasure.

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6 Responses to The garden is amazing

  1. Flock Mistress says:

    I love it. Just a little piece of paradise.

  2. Jane says:

    I love it too. That is my kind of garden. x

  3. Carol says:

    Thank you. We always wanted a natural look and started out very much the cottage garden look with fox gloves, lupins, delphiniums and hollyhocks. Fox gloves do okay but all those other plants gradually disappeared. We replaced the delphiniums as we love them but they failed to return so we gave up and let the garden evolve with the things that do well. Roses love this garden.

  4. marion.pharo says:

    Really lovely, I know how you feel, we feel the same, we are so happy just being at home
    and in the garden.

    • I agree. People are always asking us when we are going to have a holiday. I just love being in the garden when it’s sunny and don’t feel the need to go anywhere else. I love to sit in the sun with a good book and watch the chickens or potter in the garden. That’s the beauty of working from home. In between working I am always in the garden.

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