Some mash, size comparisons and friendships

I wanted to get Freckles and Cinnamon in the same shot to show how different in size they are. They are the least of friends among the flock though, so I decided a couple of dishes of mash would help get them together.

Some mash for the girls

Freckles is on the left of the dish of mash and Cinnamon is in front of Speckles.

A size comparison between Cinnamon and Freckles

This about as close as Cinnamon gets to Freckles

I would say that Cinnamon is about half the size of Freckles and she is smaller than the other seramas too.

It’s the pecking order that stops Cinnamon and Freckles being friends. Rusty is top serama (or top banana as I like to think of her) and because of this she was a nightmare when we first introduced the three amigos. She was really aggressive towards them until she had proved beyond doubt that she was top little girl. Once she had done that she was fine with them and will happily share the treats, share a dust bath and will perch with them. She knows that they are no threat to her position as top little girl.

Freckles however was Rusty’s number two. She wasn’t nearly as aggressive with the three amigos but because she hasn’t proved her supremacy she now chases Cinnamon, won’t allow her near the treats with her and doesn’t dust bath or perch with her. Cinnamon is middle girl of the three amigos with Dandelion as top of this trio and sweet little Apricot firmly at the bottom.

Cinnamon is the least tolerated by Freckles but she has a big personality and doesn’t let it bother her. All the other girls are fine with her. I guess like us there will always be some characters that just don’t get on well together.

In the same way there are odd friendships. Speckles and Emerald are firm friends but out of the little girls Speckles will perch with or sits on the ground with Freckles the most. They often hang out together. It is funny how relationships within the flock pan out.

As long as there is no bullying I am happy with the way the flock interact together. It is interesting to watch the little friendships taking place.

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2 Responses to Some mash, size comparisons and friendships

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Nice happy flock, Your little girls are really little.

    • They are tiny. I think you would be surprised if you saw them in the flesh how tiny they are. That makes them all the more adorable to me. When they run (which they do at speed) they look like toys.

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