A wet Apricot

Yesterday was another wet day. Although the run is covered there are parts where it gets wet. The rain comes in at the edges through the sides and the bottom of the run. The rain also drips in parts and it always gets wet where the metal table is.

All the girls were dry though, apart from Apricot. Apricot was really wet and had really muddy feet. She likes to spend time in the wet parts of the run.

Apricot is wet and has muddy feet

She hangs out on the wet edges of the run

It is always Apricot that is the only one to get wet. The other girls quickly move across any wet parts of the run but Apricot spends time scratching and pecking in the wet parts.

I worry about her getting wet because seramas originate from a hot country (Malaysia) and I have read that they can be susceptible to colds and need some protection from the elements. We have managed to keep ninety percent of our run dry and have put in two shelters but there isn’t much we can do if Apricot stands in the wet parts. She must be standing underneath the drips.

I considered bringing her in and drying her with a hair dryer but I thought that it would be a waste of time if I put her back in the run and she stands under the drips again. I decided as it’s not cold I would leave her.

Luckily by bedtime she was dry. I think I will probably be worrying about her in the winter. Some of these little girls just have no sense at all.

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8 Responses to A wet Apricot

  1. marion.pharo says:

    A very wet little girl.

  2. Kevin says:

    I wonder if it feels nice for her to be wet. When we gave Snowy the Silkie a bath she seemed to enjoy it! Although it was warm water.

    Ours have been out in the rain a few times and it doesn’t seem to phase them. Luckily the run is quite weather proof with the plastic roof and I added a gutter to direct the water to a nearby drain on the garage.

  3. David Anderson says:

    She’s maybe learnt that the rain on the soil yields treats? Some of mine deliberately stay out in the rain, even though there is loads of shelter and a full-sized shed full of clean shavings! OUrs not to reason why …

    • I think that is it, she loves digging in the wet soil but it’s coupled with either a lack of brain or perhaps she doesn’t mind the wet. Cinnamon also loves to dig in wet soil but only does so where it’s not dripping. Apricot takes no notice of whether it is dripping or not.

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