My mum sent me two plants via my sister who visited Mum and then me. They are gazinia, one is white flame and the other is yellow flame. I had admired them in some garden photos Mum sent me and had never come across them before.

Mum said that they love the sun and the flowers open when it’s sunny but they do need to be taken indoors in the winter.

Since I have had them we have had hardly any sun and the buds were slow to open. After raining all day for the last couple of days the sun came out today and so did the gazinia flowers.


They are very pretty and I will do my best to keep them. Thank you Mum.

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  1. marion.pharo says:

    I am glad you like them, If you can keep them through the winter, they get more stunning every year. I keep mine in the greenhouse ,do not water them very oftain,
    then with just a little water. I have had mine 3 years,The red one I bought this year
    is my favourite I hope I can keep it.

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