A pot of greens for the girls

When I was shopping yesterday I saw some growing pots of greens reduced to sixty pence. I thought they would make a perfect treat for the girls.

I put the pot on the patio this morning and waited to see what would happen. The two bigger girls pecked at it straight away but the little girls were wary at first. Could this be a dangerous pot? Rusty craned her neck towards it but at first would only take any greens that were dropped onto the patio.

Gradually the little girls plucked up courage and pecked at the greens and decided they liked them.

Emerald is first to try the greens

Apricot and Rusty cautiously investigate

They all pluck up the courage to investigate

Rusty and Apricot realise it is quite safe

Apricot has the greens to herself

Just the stalks are left

A couple of hours later there were just stalks left. I think the girls enjoyed their treat.

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4 Responses to A pot of greens for the girls

  1. marion.pharo says:

    What a nice treat for your girls.

  2. They do love their greens. I sometimes wonder how much they would eat if I kept taking greens in all day. I tend to give them a handful of spinach on the patio every morning which they eat quite quickly and a couple of big cabbage leaves in the run which they have to work at all day so it keeps them occupied. They stand on the leaf and pick at it as it’s tougher. They liked the greens in the pot because it was easy to peck at.

  3. David Anderson says:

    I just love the way they stand back and crane their necks forward, when faced with something new.

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