Rusty and Freckles lay their eggs together

Yesterday when I checked on the girls Rusty and Freckles were in the nest box together. Freckles was almost sitting on top of Rusty and kept trying to flutter her head underneath her.

When I went back a little later they were both out in the run. I checked the nest box and there were their two round eggs side by side.

Freckles is almost on top of Rusty in the nest box

At least this pair of girls are happy to share a nest box but I am sure they don’t need to be quite as close as that. They are rather sweet together though.

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  1. marion.pharo says:

    Very sweet.

    • It’s funny how the ones that join the flock together always seem to stay bonded together. Rusty and Freckles will share a nest box with each other and will share with the two bigger girls but they definitely will not share with the three amigos. Freckles stands and shouts if Dandelion is in her preferred nest box and will even chase her out of it and take her place. She will not tolerate the three amigos in the same nest box and yet she will snuggle up to Rusty as close as she can get. It is very sweet to see the close friendships.

  2. David Anderson says:

    Simply lovely. Have just returned from a short break in France today and my father has managed to dissuade most of the 7 broodies I left on Tuesday – only 2 persisting! I am relieved that my Welsummer, Cate Blanchett, has died: she’s been iffy for some time and I’ve kept deluding myself that she was improving. She’s been a really good layer in her time, but must have been at least 5 years old, so only 2 of my original flock of 10 left now.

    • Well done to your father for reducing 7 broodies to 2. Sorry about Cate but as you say it’s a relief when you know that something isn’t right and probably is unlikely to get better. When I think back to Caramel I can see now that she was doomed and yet at the time I kept telling myself there were times when she was getting better. I wouldn’t struggle on when something is that bad another time but it’s all about learning and sometimes it’s hard to give up. I think 5 is a good age for bantams.

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