Little and large together

I was surprised to find Cinnamon on top of the shelter with Speckles. I hadn’t seen her up there before. I have seen her on top of the other shelter quite often but not on top of this one. It is a good comparison to their difference in their size.

Little and large together

They do the beak to beak stare

Speckles does this to all the little girls and the little girls also do it to each other. My husband says they are passing telepathic rays to each other.

A few minutes later Speckles jumped down from the shelter and I wondered if Cinnamon could get down.

Suddenly she floated down to the ground and went on her way, answering my question. They are funny little girls.

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6 Responses to Little and large together

  1. David Anderson says:

    She is one lovely little bird. Imagine how tiny she would look alongside a large fowl, as she’s dwarfed by Speckles – looking at the photos, it’d be easy to forget that both Emerald and Speckles are, in fact, bantams.

    • That is so true. People often don’t get how tiny the seramas are because they have to remember that Emerald and Speckles are bantams and not big girls. When I see big girls now they appear as giants! I would say most of my seramas are about pigeon sized but Cinnamon is about blackbird sized. I love the way Cinnamon stands up straight and Speckles bends down to her level. It is a sweet photo and so often Speckles is circled by “her girls” as my husband now refers to them and it does look like a mother hen and her babies. It is most peculiar behaviour.

      • Kevin says:

        I was going to ask you to compare their size so I could get an idea, but you’ve done it here! I can’t imagine them being that small! Very cute!

        • They are tiny, I did a post a few weeks back holding Cinnamon and Apricot in my hand to show their size. They are my hands length , so imagine a female hands length is their length. They are super cute.

  2. marion.pharo says:

    Cinnamon do look so tiny , next toSpeckles, so sweet to see them so close together.

    • She is tiny but it is sweet how lovely together they are. I have just given them the
      pre-bedtime treat of sunflower hearts and Speckles is still really behaving like a mother hen. She calls them to her with great excitement and picks up seeds and drops them in front of the little girls without having any herself. We are so amazed by this behaviour as we have only seen this before with mother hens and chicks. We wonder how long she will continue to do this. It is so funny and sweet at the same time.

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