The garden has a halloween sort of look

This time of year there are spider webs all over the garden. The ones I like the least are the ones that I break with my face when I go up to the chickens first thing in the morning. Not a pleasant feeling.

With the morning dew on the webs that are on the planting there is a sort of halloween look to the garden first thing in the morning.

The rosemary bush looks dressed for halloween

A slightly closer look

The sedum has a similar treatment

I love the contrast between the vibrant colour of the sedum and the layer of web. I am not a great fan of spiders but I accept their place in the garden and the fact that they eat flies has to be a good thing. I do, though, admire their webs although I would just prefer not to break them with my face first thing in the morning. It’s definitely that time of year again!

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6 Responses to The garden has a halloween sort of look

  1. marion.pharo says:

    I feel the same, you walk through a web, and half expect a spider to be in your hair.

  2. Flock Mistress says:

    Oh, it’s so lush and gorgeous. I love it.

  3. Kevin says:

    I wear a hat most of the time now as I constantly get the feeling of spiders in my hair, it’s probably webs.

    Nearly walked straight into a big spider sat in the middle of its web yesterday, should have got a pic!

    • I hate the feeling of webs in my face and hair but tell myself it’s just webs not spiders or I would freak out. Sometimes I nearly walk into a spider hanging there but notice in time. I hate the thought of that! I keep my eyes peeled.

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