Green and Purple leaves

I am gradually harvesting the leaves from the veg plot for the girls. I thought I would give them a mix of green and purple leaves and see if they had any preference.

Some green and purple leaves for the girls

What amused me is that the girls, in turn, seem to need to get a bit higher up before they descended on the leaves.

Freckles on the block

Apricot on the log

Dandelion on the log

Enjoying both colour leaves

When I returned a little later all the purple leaves were gone. I think they are softer so disappeared quicker. I gave the girls the last purple leaves from the veg plot.

You are on the wrong side of the wire Apricot!

Apricot was having a, dumb chicken, moment and could’t seem to work out why she couldn’t get to the purple leaves.

Apricot on the newest perch

She decided she, once more, had to go a bit higher to get the right amount of inspiration.

It wasn’t long before all the leaves disappeared. There are two more green lettuce in the veg plot for the girls and then we are all out of home grown leaves.

I am ripening the last of the tomatoes indoors and then all that is left on the veg plot is the courgettes. They have slowed right down but so far are still going and we still one had roasted with Sunday lunch.

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4 Responses to Green and Purple leaves

  1. marion.pharo says:

    MY last tomatoes are in doors to ripen, But Idid make green tomato chutney, We are still picking beans every day, loads of flower still. but think it is to late for them to come to any thing, we are still picking courgettes, but quite small now, We have had a good year of veg, and sold quite a few pounds worth. Shame its all coming to an end.
    The girls look as though they have enjoyed your leaves.

    • I am down to the last six tomatoes ripening indoors now. Our beans have finished, they had a much shorter season than past years. The courgettes are still coming but as you say they are smaller now. Despite the beans not being so good as some years everything else has been much better and it’s probably been our most productive year ever. I still have loads of dishes in the freezer with courgettes. It is a shame when it comes to the end.

  2. David Anderson says:

    They are such quirky little things – really make you smile.

    Been a really good year for apples up here in the north – my father’s tree has had a huge yield; my wife has made crumbles galore, stocked in the freezers of various family members – shame I’m diabetic!

    • They are such quirky girls!

      I have noticed apple trees have been loaded round and about but none near enough for me to take advantage. Shame that you can’t take advantage of your family stash. I think it’s been a good year for all produce.

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