The ghosts in the window

It’s that time of year again. A few mornings ago I opened the sitting room curtains and the ghosts were in the windows. Very Halloween like!

Ghosts in the windows again

It hasn’t happened since. It must be when conditions are just right. We haven’t had our heating on yet, we always try to hold out until November. We have been having a small open fire in the sitting room in the evenings though.

Our sitting room is always a cold room even in summer. While looking at this photo my husband remarked that it must be the draught in the corners of the panes that cause this effect.

We love the beauty of the old windows in this house but that is the down side. We do have thick, lined , curtains to help keep the room warmer on winter evenings. It is odd how we always get this effect before Halloween.

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2 Responses to The ghosts in the window

  1. marion.pharo says:

    They do look like ghosts.

    • When you look at the white bits they do look like ghosts but then I thought the spaces on the second panel from the right looked like the mask on “phantom of the opera” but Richard said it reminded him of aliens in films and I must admit it does. Who would have thought we could see so much in our windows than rather than just looking through them!

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