I just love the colour of this aster right in the middle of the garden.

A splash of colour in the middle of the garden

We have a smaller version in the chicken’s strip which I photographed a while back but this one was just in bud at the time. It is quite nice sometimes that things peak at different times and today I noticed that almost all of the buds had opened on this aster.

It’s an uplifting splash of colour at the end of the gardening year.

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  1. marion.pharo says:

    They are very pretty, we have a lovely show of them as well,
    I thought they are Michaelmas daisys. Bob has just said he thinks, they are of the Aster family.

    • I thought they were too but I googled them and found that they are asters. Then I remembered we had michaelmas daisys in our last garden. They flower at the same time of year and have a similar flower (a lighter shade and also in white) but they are a much taller plant. We always ended up putting in a stake as they would blow over. These are quite compact and low to the ground. Either way both plants give a lovely splash of colour at the end of the year.

  2. marion.pharo says:

    Bob is right. they, are called Aster or Michaelmas daisy, I have just Googled it.

  3. I have just googled again and I think they are called by both names but there are lots of different varieties with different heights and different coloured blooms.

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