Happy Halloween

I have never been into doing anything for Halloween. I do however always buy some sweets so that if any children knock on the door, trick or treating, I have them ready to give out.

Last year no children knocked on the door and we gave the sweets to our grandchildren on their next visit to us so this year I have chosen chocolates. This means if no children knock on our door we can eat them as desserts after lunch. We don’t like sweets but do like chocolate!

Halloween Chocolates

Halloween windows

Right on cue our windows had the ghostly look this morning as if ready for Halloween and that is as much Halloween as there will be in our house! Happy Halloween to my readers.

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6 Responses to Happy Halloween

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Like your halloween windows.

    • I thought they looked just perfect for Halloween. I like looking through the clear bits. In two of them you can see parked cars opposite us and in one you can see a window of the house opposite. Although it was very cold there was also early morning sun. It’s reflecting off the window on the left of the photo making that window look yellow. It is an appropriate spooky look for Halloween.

  2. Kevin says:

    Did you get any chocolate in the end?

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