Bedtime routines

Now that the clocks have gone back I am giving the girls their bedtime corn at the earlier time of four o’clock and they are all in the chicken shed by five o’clock.

last night I was surprised that Apricot had a dust bath just before going in to bed. It seemed a bit late and I was sure the dust would be rather cool.

Apricot has a dust bath before bedtime

She is shedding feathers despite me having just picked them all up a few minutes earlier

It may be all the loose feathers prompting her dust bath.

Just at that moment she stood up and shook off the dust

Emerald now perches closer to the chicken shed before bedtime

Emerald always used to perch on the high branch perch at the end of the run after the bedtime corn. Her habit has changed as the weather has got colder and it has got dark earlier. She now perches here every evening.

I think it’s because it’s closer to the shed and she can go in quickly when she is ready. Emerald is always the first to go in followed by Speckles. Freckles is always the last in.

It is funny how their habits change slightly as winter draws near.

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6 Responses to Bedtime routines

  1. David Anderson says:

    Yes, I am feeding mid-afternoon, now that it is dark so much earlier. All in bed for the night, and it’s only 4.30 – but great for Halloween and Bonfire Night that I know they’re secured before any significant noise appears.

  2. marion.pharo says:

    Hope they was ok with the fire works, Bob had to pull Sam out tonight,for his last walk.
    He was so frightend last night, when they was on the last walk, and fire works was going off. Bob has got home, said Sam was a nervous wreck.

  3. Kevin says:

    It’s interesting that you’re seeing changes to habits as we are too.

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