Different stages of moulting

Apricot seems to have had pin feathers on her head for ages and now Dandelion has pin feathers on her head. I wonder if this is more of a feature with silkie and frizzle feathered, girls because this hasn’t been noticeable on Freckles and Cinnamon, the straight feathered, girls.

When we got Dandelion in February she had a bald head so I am pleased that during her moult she has kept her head covered.

Dandelion has pin feathers on her head

I have also been picking up her tail feathers and yet her tail looks no different from normal.

Apricot’s head feathers are almost back to normal

Freckles and Cinnamon under the shelter

Another view of Dandelion’s pins on her head

Freckles looking good

The girls having some mash

Freckles moult hasn’t been noticeable at all apart from picking some feathers up from under her roost spot. Cinnamon sometimes looks a little scruffy and I am finding her little orange feathers. Sometimes she shows some grey under feathers, as in her wing, in this shot. Her tail feathers are also quite ragged if you compare them to Freckles.

They all seem to be coming through the moult at the moment and Freckles is continuing to lay regularly. It is good to have one regular egg layer. Freckles is six months older than the three amigos so I don’t know if that makes a difference or if it just down to different girls varying.

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6 Responses to Different stages of moulting

  1. marion.pharo says:

    They are all looking good.

  2. David Anderson says:

    It’s always nice when their heads get back to normal – Bella looks like a burglar in a balaclava until hers come in. You are right about Cinnamon’s tail feathers, but they are all looking good.

    • Yes I think the bald head is the worse look. I thought Dandelion looked like a tiny bald eagle when we first got her. I don’t mind the ragged feathers so much. The wing and tail feathers that I have been picking up from the little girls are really ragged and bare on the ends.

  3. Kevin says:

    They all look good. I like Dandelion’s frizzley feathers.

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