The girls have a yogurt treat

I am so pleased that I can no longer hear Dandelion’s breathing and the girls are now only sneezing occasionally so I really think that they are getting back to normal, thank goodness.

Freckles has continued to perch with the flock at bedtime which is also really pleasing me.  For the last three nights she has perched in the middle of the flock. I am so pleased that she has decided, herself, to do this as winter approaches.

This morning I thought I would give the girls a treat of some probiotic yogurt.

A yogurt treat for the girls

The girls love yogurt

There are yogurt beaks and spots of yogurt on feathers and lots of scraping of beaks on the patio. They love the yogurt but don’t like it to be left on their beaks.

By lunch time when I checked them the yogurt had all disappeared and the girls beaks and feathers were clean again.

I picked up the feathers in the run and this was how many feathers I collected in just half a day.


Emerald is continuing to drop some long feathers as well as a few fluffy ones but the majority of the feathers are from Freckles. I think I can safely say that seramas do moult in winter.

I am so happy to have things just about back to normal in the chicken run. I hope not to have any more drama any time soon.

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6 Responses to The girls have a yogurt treat

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Lots of feathers to pick up.

    • It is. first I pick up the overnight ones from the chicken shed then twice a day this many from the run. This is the most little girls feathers that I have had to pick up this year. I am sure it will ease off soon. At least they will get all their new feathers for the winter. Considering how many feathers I am picking up they look good and you can’t see any bare patches. They must have new ones already through.

  2. David Anderson says:

    Am I right in thinking that Emerald has been moulting, gradually, for ages? I don;t think I’ve ever seen her looking ‘raggy’ – in fact, some of the pics of her glinting in the sunlight have looked so good that you’d have thought she was well through. EWach one unique!

    • You are right that Emerald has been moulting gradually. She laid her last eggs in the first week of June and then started to moult. I am sure she has never moulted for this long before. I am amazed that she is still dropping feathers because as you say she looks pristine. I have seen her shake herself and a few feathers float from her. That’s five months of dropping a few feathers!

  3. Kevin says:

    That’s a lot of feathers!

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