Freckles seems brighter today

I think Freckles looks brighter today. I haven’t seen her dozing. It is absolutely freezing today and there are still loads of feathers in the run from Freckles. It may be having such a heavy moult that is making her feel under the weather as well as being so cold.

Freckles seems a bit brighter today

I shall continue to keep a close watch on the girls with tylan at the ready.

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6 Responses to Freckles seems brighter today

  1. marion.pharo says:

    She still looks so good.Lovely snap of her.

    • I am amazed that as I am picking up handfuls of feathers from her she doesn’t look any different. She is quite fluffed up against the cold and there is an odd loose feather but she doesn’t appear to be missing any feathers.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hopefully the Tylan is doing it’s job.

    • I hope so. I think it is harder to kick this in winter than summer but from all my research tylan seems to be the answer. I will wait to see how the girls progress and use the tylan again if I think it’s necessary.

  3. David Anderson says:

    Probably the moult will also be having an effect on her general lack of energy; she does look much improved on the shot you took of her yesterday. Fingers crossed.

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