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I asked a question on the “Down The Lane” chicken forum. The link to this forum is on the right hand side of my blog. They have a wealth of knowledgeable chicken keepers with many years of experience. I briefly explained our situation and asked if anyone knew if it was okay to repeat tylan after a one week break.

I have had two answers so far. The first said that I must repeat it because the chickens won’t get better without it so there is really no choice and nothing to lose. The second said that she had been told by her vet that it could be given for ten to twelve days. Respiratory diseases can be stubborn and longer treatment may be needed to shift it.

The first answer was the conclusion that I had already come to and the second I found reassuring as it seems that it is okay to use it for longer.

The dose on the tylan is one gram per litre of water. This is too small for me to measure so by my previous internet search I found this equated to one teaspoon per litre. As I only have five teaspoons left I am dividing it into ten half teaspoons to be mixed with half a litre of water.

The most accurate way to do this is to lay out ten little dishes and put half a teaspoon of powder in each so that I can see that I have enough to go round and that it is as even as possible. This is not an exact science but is the best I can do. I then cling wrapped the ten dishes and will mix one up each morning and put it in the run before the girls come out so that they have it for a full day each time.

Ten half teaspoons of tylan powder

Had I have known before that it was okay to treat for longer I wouldn’t have taken a weeks break. I just have to hope that this will work. I will ring the vet tomorrow and see if I can order some more tylan so that I can keep some in stock or continue for a few more days if needed. I will also ask how long it is safe to continue giving it.

I really hope this will shift the mycoplasma. On another note, Cinnamon laid an egg today. She had been laying one a week but this time it’s only been five days since her last one. At least one little girl is feeling okay.

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6 Responses to Back on tylan

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Let us hope this time clears it.

  2. David Anderson says:

    As always, you could not do more; I had thought there was a better piucture of Freckles, but I’ve really messed up in reading first and not responding until I’d been through them all. I’d love to see her looking more like herself; hopefully, your speed at administering the tylan in the first place will, ultimately, pay dividends.

    • I am really hoping that keeping going with the tylan will eventually shift this. Freckles has had water with tylan and is eating well. Unfortunately I have just heard a very slight wheeze from Apricot’s breathing. Just got to keep going with the tylan

  3. Carol says:

    You are diligent and have a caring heart. If anyone can get her girls healthy again it is YOU! Keep us posted!

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