Tylan in the water

I let the girls out this morning about fifteen minutes before the automatic door opened. As they hear my footsteps and then hear the gate open I hear them all start to chatter. When I open the big door they are all behind it waiting for me to let them out.

At the moment the automatic door opens at eight o’clock. I let the girls out at quarter to eight as it gives them a bit more time out but any earlier than this is too dark for them.

I was pleased to see first, Freckles and then Dandelion go to the water which has the tylan powder in it.

Freckles has a drink of water

Dandelion joins Freckles at the water

It was good to see the two girls who need it the most have a drink.

I have spent time with them today keeping a close eye on them. Unfortunately I can hear a faint whisper in Apricot’s breathing now and the same again with Dandelion once more. I have seen all the girls have a drink of the water today.

I am only giving them dry treats of the morning sunflower hearts and bedtime corn, no spinach or fruit. I hope this encourages them to drink more water. I don’t want them to get moisture from anything but their water.

I also mixed small amounts of mash with the tylan water in two small dishes (the little dishes that I measured the powder in). I mixed a little at a time each time I returned to check on them and the mash dish had been emptied. I felt this would get them to take a bit more of the water. Freckles likes this the most followed by Cinnamon but all the girls had some at different times throughout the day.

The girls were all in by four o’clock tonight which is usual at the moment. They were all snuggled up together.

I will keep up this regime for ten days and hope that this will improve them. Again Freckles looked a little brighter today but is still sneezing the most. I have a feeling this is going to be a long slog.

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7 Responses to Tylan in the water

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Good they are all drinking.with their tylan in there. We are having a job to get Sam to drink, since his op, he usualy drink in the stream every time we take him out, but he
    has not drank in there sinceThursay, The vet said to water down his food. And to pull his skin up, if it goes straight down, he is ok, but if it don’t go down, to get him to the vets, so far he is ok.

    • They are such a worry aren’t they! Watering down his food is similar to me putting the tylan water in the mash. It makes them take some water with their food as well on it’s own. I do hope Sam will be okay and not need more visits to the vet. They give us so much pleasure but they give us so much worry too.

  2. David Anderson says:

    A huge relief to see them drinking, knowing they’re getting the medication.

    • It’s ridiculous how thrilled I was every time I saw a girl at the water. I feel so pleased every time I see them drink and think they are getting what they need. Freckles lingered at bedtime to eat the last of the mash with the tylan water and I just felt pleased that she was getting that little bit extra.

  3. I have a weird problem that has just occurred in the comments. Carol made a comment and it’s in my comment folder but it isn’t appearing on this blog post and nor is my reply. There is no authorise button with it either although it shouldn’t need authorising as she isn’t new to the blog. Until I can work out how to sort it out I am just going to put her comment and my reply here as I would hate her to think I haven’t responded.

    Carol says:

    You are diligent and have a caring heart. If anyone can get her girls well it is YOU! Keep us posted!

    Carol (me, confusing having the same name) replied:

    Oh, thank you for your kind words. I will continue to do my best and will keep updating.

  4. David Anderson says:

    I think that Carol’s comment and your response are in the comments for the previous post.:)

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