Encouraging the girls to have the tylan

To encourage the girls to have as much tylan as possible I have been making small amounts of mash throughout the day with the tylan water.

The girls have a little mash mixed with the tylan water

Apricot is firmly bottom girl and is the most timid around the flock. Oddly enough she is the most friendly around me. She is looking over the edge of the patio but can’t pluck up the courage to join the girls.

Cinnamon takes no notice of Freckles, pecking her away from the dish, and just bounces back and yet she is the most timid around me.

Apricot is too timid to join in

I moved Apricot on to the patio but she is looking at me instead of the dishes

I move the dish in front of her

She had a little mash until Freckles spotted that the dish had been moved and came running over. Freckles is firmly top serama.

Apricot makes the most of the other girls losing interest in the mash

Apricot has her own dish

The girls look brighter and  although they are still sneezing I think it is a bit less frequent. There is still a whisper of sound from the breathing of Freckles, Dandelion and Apricot. It is only noticeable when they are eating the mash.

Freckles has slowed down with the feather dropping too which I am pleased about.

I called the vet today to ask about ordering more tylan. My vet was away today but the receptionist has left her a note to call me tomorrow.

Apricot was last in tonight and I put the mash dish in front of her so that she could have a last top up before bedtime.

I think we are making slow progress and I am feeling hopeful.

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4 Responses to Encouraging the girls to have the tylan

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Hope they get better soon.

  2. I think they are improving but it seems so slow this time.

  3. David Anderson says:

    Moving in the right direction, without doubt. Even when in ‘peak’ condition, ours girls’ metabolisms seemss to slow over the winter, so probably the improvement will be slower.

    • I have realised that in summer we kicked this so quickly but in winter it is slow and dragging. Many things come into the mix. The amount of water the girls drink is tiny compared to summer. The cold weather and the moult is against them. The persistent sneezing, which we know in our own colds, takes ages to go wasn’t present in the summer. I think it will all just take longer but it’s slowly getting better rather than worse so I take comfort from that.

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