I wish this would turn a corner

When I have used tylan before there has been an instant improvement in the girls but then they weren’t sneezing before. I think that takes much longer to shift. I am disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be any improvement and if anything Apricot now looks worse.

This started in Freckles then moved to Dandelion and then in the last few days has moved to Apricot. All three spent part of the afternoon in the small shelter, wheezing, sneezing and dozing.

I took dishes of mash mixed with tylan water to the shelter to try to encourage them to have some more.

The three amigos are in small shelter and Apricot is dozing

Apricot dozing

Freckles joins them

Speckles joins them

Emerald looks on but there isn’t room for her to join them

I bring dishes of mash to the shelter

Apricot has some

Dandelion and Freckles snooze together

This is not looking good

Freckles head was bobbing up and down as she snoozed. This is just so frustrating but there is nothing else I can do but carry on with the tylan and hope in time this improves.

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    • It is a worry. I wish I could see some improvement and I worry about what happens if they don’t get better. I worry about them all getting ill and losing the whole flock and then I think I have to get a grip and stay with it and will them to get better. I have to just plod on and hope for the best and I can’t help researching all the time but can’t find any more information than I have already reported here.

  1. Sophie says:

    Oh Carol, I still have everything crossed for you. I wonder whether it’s worth trying nutridrops? xx

    • I was just thinking about e-mailing you. How are your girls doing? I know you had them sneezing last year. How long did it take to clear up?

      I keep researching over and over and have read that denaguard is a stronger med but that it is bitter and difficult to get the girls to drink. It would be good to have some sort of time frame on this. My research shows tylan to be effective most of the time.

  2. Sophie says:

    I’ve never had sneezing in my flock (so far) but Betty Boo does a coughing noise (she is weakened, always sounds weird and always lays soft eggs but otherwise seems well). Jasmine, the original serama who was ill was doing the dozing that you are experiencing a couple of weeks ago but the antibiotics cleared it up within a few days.

    Nutri drops is a booster, it strengthens their immune system and increases their appetite – one of the ladies on the Omlet forum swears by it.

    I know you are reluctant to but is it possible to bring them into the warm. That is what I did with two of my seramas last winter. I had them in an indoor rabbit cage in a spare bedroom and then put them back outside when the weather warmed up in the spring.


    • Oh, I am mistaken then as I thought you had sneezing. The problem is that all four are sneezing although Cinnamon doesn’t have the wheezing and is more active, no dozing. I couldn’t keep all four inside with any kind of quality of life. I have very little space and don’t think they would be happy cooped up. Also I have all the family staying over at Christmas including my six month old Grandson. Freckles went through a very cold and frosty winter last year with no problem. I think I will just have to keep going with the tylan. Someone on “Down The Lane” said that he kept going with it for a long time. I think I will ask him how long it took. xx

  3. Sophie says:

    Also the other thing is giving them injections of Tylan – this works much quicker. When I first had them my vet prescribed that for Jasmine and although it frightened me to death in reality it was quite easy. Of course you would need to check this out with your vet and maybe it’s not relevant as they are on their second bout of Tylan but it’s just a thought.

    • During my research I read about the injections but it said that they were needed twice a day for five days. Not sure if this is what you had. I thought that would be very stressful for the girls. I think perhaps I have to persevere with the tylan. We are on day four of the second lot which I have read can be continued for twelve days.

  4. Sophie says:

    Yes, you’re right it was twice a day and it was only for Jasmine. xx

  5. Amy Sanchez says:

    OH, I’m so sorry. I started a new job and have been super busy so I haven’t been following. I totally feel your pain. Would it be an option to squirt the Tylan right into her mouth and make her swallow? I so hate manhandling my bird that way but I have done this when they needed medicine and refused to eat it in their mash.

    • I had actually thought that I could squirt some straight into their beak to get them to take a bit more of it but as you say it is stressful to them being handled. I will if I feel they aren’t getting enough water. I am watching to make sure each of them gets some mash and I am seeing some of them drink the water. I hope that they are all drinking the water even when I don’t see it.

  6. Jenny says:

    I have just lost my grey pekin Shelley to what I think was some kind of digestive tract infection, but before she died the vet prescribed the whole flock denaguard which they had in their water. I had also read that it was bitter and could put them off the water, so I added a tiny bit of fruit squash concentrate (I know they like Robinsons Peach because Bernadette will drink it out of my glass in the summer!) – they drank the dosed water fine then.

    I would also recommend nutridrops if you think they need a boost. Or I find avipro avian is good too but that’s mixed into their water so if you’re already mixing Tylan in you’d probably need to wait until you’ve finished treating them.

    I’m watching every day for updates and have everything crossed.

    • I am so sorry you lost Shelly. That’s interesting because I had read that denaguard was stronger but that it was bitter which kind of put me off.

      Sophie also mentioned nutridrops. I will do some research to see where I can get them from.

      Thank you for your support.

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