Here we go again

I have been keeping a very close eye on the girls in case there is any sign of a relapse with the respiratory disease. The sneezing has become less frequent and quieter but not gone completely.

However there had been no dosing in the afternoons, no wheezing and no eye bubbles. The girls have been active and eating well.

Then yesterday I noticed that Dandelion had a tiny white speck on the top of her right eyelid. I picked her up for a close inspection and while I held her as still as possible my husband touched it with a cotton bud to see if he could remove it. He said that it felt crusty and it didn’t move. We decided to leave it alone as we don’t want to risk harming her.

I tried to photograph it but it is difficult to see as it is tiny.

Dandelion’s eye lid

It is the tiniest white speck on her eye lid in the top corner nearest her beak. I wonder if she has had an eye bubble that has formed into a crust. I decided to keep a very close eye on her.

Dandelion a bit later in the big shelter

A bit later I checked her again and she had bubbles in her right eye.

Later in the small shelter her eye had cleared

I went back a little later and she had moved to the other shelter and her eyes were clear. I wondered if my husband had loosened the crusty bit and with blinking away the bubbles she had removed it as it was gone completely.

Later back in the big shelter

She now had bubbles in both her eyes

When I next checked on her she now had bubbles in both eyes. This is not good. It looks as if the problem has come back again. Both Freckles and Dandelion were dosing and not looking so good. They have had one week off the tylan and have remained well for one week.

I feel heart sick about this. I had really begun to think that we had beaten this. I plan to put them back on the tylan. I am aware that I can’t keep medicating them forever.

I will see how another course goes and make a decision later about what to do long term. I don’t see what else I can do at the moment but return to the regime and keep hoping for the best.

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4 Responses to Here we go again

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Just when it was thought they were over it.I am so sorry.

  2. David Anderson says:

    Does this coincide with another drop in temperatures? I feel gutted for you that this dreaded condition has reared its head again but, as always, you take the promnptest action possible.

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