The first day back on tylan

When I let the girls out this morning Dandelion had more of a crust on her right eye than yesterday. We assume she must have had eye bubbles during the night and like conjunctivitis they form a crust by morning.

Dandelion has a crusty right eye

At this moment she scratched at it with her claws and managed to dislodge it.

Dandelion managed to scratch the crust away

Dandelion had a good drink of the tylan water and some of the mash also made with the tylan water. I didn’t see any more eye bubbles during the day.

I am hoping that putting the girls back on the tylan may have nipped this in the bud quickly. I will continue with the tylan for at least seven days and reassess then.

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4 Responses to The first day back on tylan

  1. David Anderson says:

    She certainly looks better than in the previous post, which is encouraging. We are just back from Maidenhead; when we’re down in the lighter nights, I’d love to pop over and see the girls (and you and Richard, of course!)

  2. I am again feeling a bit more hopeful today. We would love you to pop in and see us.

  3. marion.pharo says:

    So sad, and so much stress for you.

    • It is. I have moments of wondering if we will ever get clear from this. I get myself ready to accept that Dandelion may not make it, she is the weakest one of them, then I get hopeful again that she may get better. It’s so up and down and I know that I can’t medicate for ever but it’s so hard to give up too.

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