Last day of tylan for now

I am going to stop the tylan once more, after seven days, this time round. Dandelion has had no more eye bubbles and all the girls seem to be absolutely normal apart from occasional, quiet sneezes. I sometimes wonder if the sneezing will ever disappear but I am sure in time it will. I hope that in spring it will fade out completely.

I had agreed before Christmas that I would talk to my vet again in the new year and we would review the situation. I left a message for her with the veterinary receptionist and she called me back for an update.

We discussed how things have been going. I told her I had stopped treating with tylan after a month and that a week later when it was frosty again Dandelion had bubbles in her eyes once more. I then treated again for seven days and after a few days there were no more bubbles.

I mentioned the recent essay on mycoplasma that I had found and the new snippets of information I have gleaned from it. I did a post on it here.

We agreed that I should carry on as I am, using tylan at any time that I see symptoms and keeping a stock of tylan at all times. My vet is happy for me to call any time I run low and get some more so that I always have stock.

We discussed that going forward I would perhaps add older girls to the flock as they would be less likely to be susceptible to mycoplasma and that I would treat with tylan at the very first sign of any symptoms. We agreed that we had both learned a lot about mycoplasma during this past year and she said that she would add the details of our discussion to my notes at the veterinary practice.

We are both happy that we are managing the situation in the best way that we can and that I will keep a stock of tylan at all times and remain vigilant for symptoms at all times.

The girls this morning

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6 Responses to Last day of tylan for now

  1. Carol says:

    Carol is the best ‘chicken mama’ around! So happy you’ve worked through hard times and are seeing good times again.

  2. David Anderson says:

    Other than being totally disease-free for ever, this is as good a situation as you could hope for: you’ve been brilliant in how you’ve handled everything and your vet seems to care very genuinely. Let’s hope for a decent end to the winter.

    • That’s how I feel. I can’t turn the clock back to before this came into my flock so I can only handle it as well as I am able. I am lucky to have found a vet that cares. She has given her time to call me several times. I am really hoping for the end of winter so that things can get better more permanently.

  3. marion.pharo says:

    Glad to hear it has settled down again.

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