Chicken shapes and fluffy bottoms

Since Freckles has come through her moult both my husband and myself have commented on what a spectacular serama shape she is. If you look at seramas on google that are up to show standard (not that I would have any interest in showing and nor could I with the mycoplasma in my flock) they should have their, rounded chests out, their wings down and their tails up.

I commented recently that a friend had said that Cinnamon was a “proper, normal, chicken, shape” and I think of her as a miniature chicken more than a serama in shape. I decided to take some photos of them both to demonstrate this but in fact when I looked at the photo of them side by side I realised that they are actually more similar than I had thought.

It’s a bit of an unfair comparison because Freckles is through her moult while Cinnamon is still moulting so Cinnamon still has a few tail feathers to grow in before she will look pristine. I can always do another comparison later but I thought this would be fun for now. I had to take quite a few photos to give a fair comparison as they do look different from different angles.

I also have to say that it matters not a jot to me anyway because I think Cinnamon is the cutest little girl and her extra small size just adds to her cuteness.

Cinnamon’s shape

Freckles shape

Cinnamon side on

Freckles side on



Cinnamon and Freckles side by side

Up until this photo I thought that they looked quite different. This does show that they do have a similar shape but Freckles tail feathers are more square edged whereas Cinnamon’s are more rounded. I think that is what makes them appear to look different.

I then started to look at tail shapes from behind and couldn’t resist doing a comparison of fluffy bottoms.

Speckles and Emerald’s fluffy bottoms

Freckles fluffy bottom

Cinnamon’s fluffy bottom

Dandelion’s fluffy bottom

Apricot’s fluffy bottom

Of course, silky feathered, Apricot is a fluff ball so her bottom is fluffy and her tail feathers are thin and wispy.

Dandelion’s frizzle feathers exaggerate the arched shape that the tail feathers have. You can see that arched shape in Cinnamon’s tail whereas I thought that Freckles squarer tail was flatter and didn’t have this shape but once directly behind her you can see that she does have that arched shape but is more triangular in shape.

Who would have thought that they would all have such individual fluffy bottoms and tail shapes. At the end of the day I think that they are all beautiful.

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6 Responses to Chicken shapes and fluffy bottoms

  1. Kevin says:

    They are looking great. I like how they’re tail feathers stick up.

    The pic of Cinnamon where she’s looking back at the camera in a puzzled way is brilliant.

  2. marion.pharo says:

    They all do lookbeautiful.

  3. David Anderson says:

    They all look lovely. I think that it’s actually part of Cinnamon’s enigmatic charm that, in some poses, she looks classic serama, whilst in others she is very much a miniature of a more standard breed. What is always consistent, however, is that she has a huge personality.

    • You have hit the nail on the head perfectly. She is both sometimes classic serama and sometimes miniature chicken but for such a tiny girl she has a massive personality. As the smallest girl of our flock she is by no means bottom and in fact is just behind Freckles, top serama. She is feisty and is the most active and has huge character and for such a little girl she has the biggest of personality and is the cutest ever. You can probably tell that she is a firm favourite.

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