The girls have an apple

I like to give the girls an apple to keep them occupied pecking at it throughout the day. Because their little beaks struggle to get through the peal, I peal their apple, quarter it and remove the pips. My little girls are quite spoilt.

The girls have an apple treat

They love a bit of apple to peck at

By the end of the day the apple will have completely disappeared. A healthy treat for the girls.

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10 Responses to The girls have an apple

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Looks as if they are enjoying their treat.

  2. David says:

    Mine like apple, too, and I do cut them in half, although leave it at that and just pick up the odd bit of peel when they’ve finished. They seem to like the seeds – and they absolutely love melon seeds.

    • Carol says:

      I now have your comment. I read about the apple seeds containing cyanide so I now remove them. It did say swallowed whole as chickens do it wouldn’t be a problem as they need to be chewed to release it but once I had read that I couldn’t resist removing them to be on the safe side. They do go mad for melon seeds which are supposed to be good for them so I allow them.

  3. David says:

    Sorry, Carol – have changed from using firefox, so am not recognised – then I mis-typed my email address.

  4. David says:

    Technology! I really don’t understand – you got the original comment ahead of the apology! Thanks for the heads-up about apple seeds. Whenever we have melon, the yucky mess we remove to get rid of the seeds goes straight to the girls – and they devour it. Pleased those seeds are danger-free.

    • It’s weird because I got the apology first in my comments folder and replied to that first and yet it changed order on my blog. I don’t understand the technology either!

      When I first read about cyanide in apple pips someone questioned that they had always eaten apple pips and hadn’t suffered and it said that we would need to eat a wheelbarrow full of pips to be poisoned so it is only a very small amount.

      On Terry’s blog she said that melon pips are said to help protect chickens against worms but that she couldn’t find any conclusive proof of that. My girls race to a slice of melon to be first to get at the pips.

  5. Kevin says:

    I haven’t tried apple with ours for a while. The first time they didn’t seem to be fussed by it. The second time I grated it with a cheese grater and they ate it all. They were a lot smaller then though so maybe now they would put more effort in!

    They love bananas!

    • It’s weird because I have read of chickens liking bananas but mine won’t touch them. I think they don’t like the texture. They flatly refuse to eat them. They love melon and grapes and pears as well as apple.

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