Dandelion remains the most vulnerable of the girls to the mycoplasma during frosty spells. The sneezing throughout all the girls is only very occasional now and has almost disappeared. Freckles who along with Dandelion was the worst effected has shown no symptoms apart from the very occasional sneeze along with the rest of the girls.

But with Dandelion the frosty weather brings back bubbles to her eyes. It’s as if it is just there under the surface waiting for the frost to bring it out again. During the last frosty spell she had a crusty right eye for just one morning.

We have recently experienced, a prolonged, frosty spell. Yesterday Dandelion came out of the chicken shed, in the morning, with both eyes looking crusty. It’s almost like this has left her with conjunctivitis. As I watched her she scratched each eye in turn with a claw and removed the crust. I am thankful that she is able to remove it herself.

I decided to give all the girls tylan again, for five days, to be on the safe side. I am once again putting it in their water and making them mash from the tylan water to get as much as possible into them. This morning was frosty again and Dandelion had a little bubbling in her right eye. She usually just has it in the right eye and only occasionally in both eyes.

Dandelion seems to get the bubbles when at rest, overnight, or perching in the sun. As soon as she starts to preen she is able to blink her eyes clear.

Dandelion’s right eye has a slight bubbling

Dandelion’s eyes are clear again

I realised after I had taken this shot thatĀ  it is actually her left eye but both eyes were as clear as this.

Dandelion isn’t showing any other symptoms so I think that this eye problem is just, stubborn, rears up when it’s frosty, and will go with the better weather. I really hope that this is the last frosty spell. I feel that if we could just get to the better weather we could get free of this.

Dandelion is fine in herself and dust baths, eats and drinks and does all the usual chicken things so I am not overly worried. I think that she will always be the weakest link in the flock but I think having come through this far she will be okay once we get through the cold weather.

My husband delivered a lunch yesterday to a lady who said that her husband was giving the speech at the meeting. She said that he was a specialist, bird vet and he had brought along one of his parrots.

My husband told her about our chickens and she said that her sister had chickens and that her husband was always looking at them for her. They talked about mycoplasma and Dandelion’s eye bubbles and she said that was a sign that Dandelion was the carrier. She agreed that tylan was the treatment of choice.

I am not sure if this is true. I haveĀ  read everything I can find on mycoplasma and haven’t come across this theory before. It doesn’t really make any difference though because once you have had mycoplasma in your flock you have to treat all the chickens as potential carriers. I thought it was interesting enough to give it a mention though.

The encouraging thing is that the girls all look happy and healthy whereas in the past I could tell things weren’t right when they were dosing and looking unwell. If I didn’t check on the flock so frequently I could easily have missed Dandelion’s eye bubbles as they are only there for a few moments. I am just repeating the tylan as a preventative measure. It is better to be on the safe side.

As I have said many times recently, roll on spring!

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10 Responses to Dandelion

  1. marion.pharo says:

    She looks so good, Lets hope it will clear up right away.

    • The tylan does seem to clear it up quickly. It’s a nuisance that it keeps reappearing but I don’t worry as much as before because I think that their systems seem to have got used to it and they seem to bounce back from it now. I just want warmer weather so that we can get this behind us.

  2. David says:

    Hopefully, frosts will soon be highly unlikely. It’s a good thing that she is able to manage the situation with her eyes herself and, despite that, looks so much better than sometimes in the past.

    • I will be so glad to leave the frosts behind. I don’t think I have ever checked the weather forecast so often as recently. As you say despite the eyes she does look better in every other way.

  3. sophie says:

    Let’s hope it warms up soon. Dozing always rings alarm bells for me too but Tylan has always been effective so far. xx

    • You are so right about dozing ringing alarm bells and the fact that there isn’t any of that is reassuring to me. Tylan does seem to be effective, thank goodness. I am giving it at the moment as a preventative as much as anything having read that it can do no harm to do this. I so want the warmer weather to come.

  4. Flock Mistress says:

    Gosh she is darling. I love how her feathers look like she has a scarf on to keep her warm.

  5. Kevin says:

    Carol, you really do a great job of looking after them, they are in great hands.

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