Time to get tough at bedtime

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day. After our evening meal I checked on the girls and the little girls were in the chicken shed but Emerald and Speckles were perched above the hatch as usual.

I decided that as it was still light and bright that maybe the little girls were going in a bit early. I decided to do an experiment. I decided to go back at dusk and see if the two bigger girls would put themselves to bed if I left them too it.

They didn’t. They were still perched above the hatch and the pop hole was closed!

Emerald and Speckles at eight o’clock

The pop hole is closed

I had to open the door and let them in. Now that I know that they definitely won’t go in without me telling them to I need to be a bit more brutal.

From tonight I am starting a new regime. Instead of telling them to go in I am going to silently pick them up and put them in. Maybe they will decide that they don’t like this and start going in before this happens.

I don’t know if it will work but I have to try to break this habit. In August we have a trip planned to a friend’s birthday get together. It involves an overnight stay. I would like to be able to depend on the girls going in. Even in August it could rain overnight and the girls would get wet if they perched over the hatch.

I don’t know if I can break this habit but I am going to try. Tonight we start with the new, tougher, regime!

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4 Responses to Time to get tough at bedtime

  1. Carol says:

    My girls go through this same thing when our time changes. That hour difference really messes us all up- humans included!! We put the stragglers in for several nights. They are so happy to get in with the rest of the flock! It usually takes a week or so. Now we humans are still adjusting. At least the girls are happy! Good luck with yours!! XoXo

    • You are the second person to comment that it is happening to you too so that makes me feel a bit better. In theory the clocks shouldn’t make a difference because they were going at six o’clock then the clocks changed and the little girls now go in at seven o’clock but the two bigger girls don’t. I think lighter evenings and warmer temperatures are probably what makes them want to stay out.

      Emerald is the ring leader and Speckles will just follow her anywhere so I am going to target Emerald first. Tonight I will lift her down, she also likes being held the least of the two so I am hoping that she will start going in rather than have me lift her. Time will tell but I have to have some sort of a plan. Watch this space! xx

  2. marion.pharo says:

    Hope itworks.

    • Me too. Last night I just marched up to Emerald, picked her up and held her too me and put her through the pop hole of the chicken shed. Speckles jumped down and I shepherded her in. I will continue to do this and see if she will eventually get the message. It may take some time.

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