We have lost Apricot

I had an awful shock yesterday morning to find that Apricot had died overnight. I went into the run first thing and straight away noticed that Apricot was missing. I assumed that she might be laying her first egg of the year.

I opened the chicken shed and found her laying in front of the perch she roosts on. There was no poop under her roost spot so it looks like she died soon after going in. When I checked the girls last night and got Emerald and Speckles to go in Apricot was perched next to Dandelion in her usual spot and looked perfectly normal.

This was how I found Apricot in the morning

There is one of her wing feathers directly under her roost spot and she is in front of the perch. I wonder if her feather came out as she fell. I picked her up and examined her and could find nothing that looked wrong. I checked her vent in case she had an egg stuck but it looked normal. She hasn’t been going in the nest box at all so I don’t think she was about to lay.

It’s such a mystery as she was absolutely fine the day before. She was running around and eating the mash and taking spinach from my fingers. Her face and comb were red and she was bright as a button. You can see the photos of her on the previous post.

I am so upset as she was our favourite. She was so sweet, so friendly and so pretty. After the disappointment of having to wait for new girls it’s a bitter blow to lose one of our existing girls and our only remaining silky girl at that.

It is so odd because Apricot and Cinnamon were the only two little girls not to seem effected by the mycoplasma. The day before my husband had remarked how Apricot cracks us up with her speedy run. She would run with her head down and wings out at full speed. I was only saying that day how sweet she was and how pretty too.

We had only had her a year and she was only just under a year and a half old. I cried when I first saw her and struggled to hold the tears back all day.

We buried her in the chicken’s strip next to Rusty and Amber. The exact same thing happened to Amber but at least she was four years old. Oddly enough that was at the same time of year three years ago.

I lifted the dandelions from the chicken’s strip. My husband dug a very deep hole and I wrapped Apricot in paper and put her in then replanted the dandelions over the top of her. My husband made a wooden cross to mark the spot. I am afraid we now have a chicken graveyard going on here.

Apricot is laid to rest next to her flock mates

Her spot is on the left with the newest cross. Freckles appears to be watching over her.

I wanted to do a tribute to her with photos from her too short time with us. She was such a special girl.

Apricot as a chick a year ago

The three amigos, they came in together

Apricot’s eggs were the size and shape of a strawberry

Apricot had a habit of having a dust bath before bedtime

Apricot was a fluff ball

Apricot was so pretty

Apricot a few days ago

Good bye my sweet little girl. You were such a cutie. I have such a lump in my throat at the moment.

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22 Responses to We have lost Apricot

  1. Really sorry to read this. She was a lovely little thing.

  2. Sophie says:

    Soooo sorry to read this Carol – I feel choked up for you! 🙁 xx

  3. Lucy says:

    So sorry…..

  4. Kevin says:

    Hi Carol, I’ve been away on a trip and quite disconnected, so just catching up. I’m so sorry to read this.
    I hope you guys are ok.

    • I so miss her and it seems so unfair as she seemed fine and was such a favourite. Nothing can be done about it though. My husband says this is the trouble with keeping chickens. I can’t stop though, I am addicted to them.

  5. Jenny says:

    Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Apricot. What a horrible shock. It is the trouble with any pet but not a reason not to have them. X

    • It was a shock and my husband always worries that I get so upset when I lose one but as you say it isn’t a reason not to have them They give us so much pleasure too.

  6. marion.pharo says:

    It was such a shock to read this,I am so sorry, I know how much you loved her.
    Such a sweet little girl.I feel upset, and I only know her from your blog, I know how upset you must feel.I am thinking of you.xx

    • It was such a shock and I wanted to call you before you read it but things went a bit manic. Richard’s mum is very poorly and he is going up north tomorrow. I will call you as soon as I get a chance. xx

  7. Tree says:

    So sad for you.

  8. Flock Mistress says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry. She was such a sweetie.

  9. Carol says:

    I’m so sorry Carol. The adage ‘it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all’ is so true!! But the pain of loss is horrible! Your sweet little girl lived life to the fullest! You are the best chicken mama ever!! XoXo

    • You are right but it is so hard to lose them especially so out of the blue. At least she didn’t suffer and no vets or decisions. She was happy up to the last time I saw her at bedtime. XX

  10. David says:

    Hi, Carol

    So sorry to hear this news; Apricot was a lovely little bird, and full of character. I have several times lost quite young birds overnight, birds with nothing apparently wrong beforehand – I suppose we just need to be grateful that they did not suffer over any protracted period of time, but it is so upsetting. Thinking of you.

    • It is good to know that I am not alone in this because it is so difficult having no idea why a young bird who seemed in good health should go, so suddenly, over night. It was such a shock. As you say though it is better that she didn’t suffer, no vets, no decision to make. It always seems to be my favourites though. Rusty last year was my favourite and Apricot this year was my favourite of all. She was such a lovely character and the friendliest girl ever.

  11. David says:

    Bella, my top hen, suddenly looked her age yesterday and does not look well; I’ll be upset to lose her but, at 7, I’ve sort of expected it for some time. Will see how she is in an hour, but they#re not keen to venture out very far in this awful rain.

    • Oh dear, it so sad, although it is good to get them to old age as we lose so many far too soon. Emerald is the only one of mine that I feel I have got to old age. She does show her age but she seems okay. I dread the thought of losing her one day. It’s upsetting to lose them too soon but the thought of losing the ones we have had a long time is so hard too.

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