Allotment plot

We have recently been asked by friends to join them in sharing a local allotment plot. It’s going to be shared by our good friends and neighbours opposite who have two boys a similar age to our eldest two grandchildren and their friends further up the road, who through them, have also become friends to us and have two girls a little younger, plus ourselves and then our friends opposite got their next door neighbours on board too.

We all felt the more the merrier as it is a large plot and the more hands the better. The idea is to provide a bit of social interaction and community spirit, to get some fresh air and exercise and to share some fresh produce.

The plot is in beautiful surroundings but has been empty for a few years so was very overgrown. We have been advised that we will need to put some fencing around the plot or the deer will eat everything.

Between us we are able to supply different things to get us started. Some of the guys are able to obtain stuff from their work such as pallets to build raised beds and a pathway and posts to attach the fencing. Someone has supplied a couple of wheel barrows and we have supplied a fork and spade.

The ground is full of large bits of flint which is why we have opted for some raised beds.

We plan growing some fruit canes, vegetables, probably a lot of potatoes in the first year and some flowers so that there is something for everyone. There has also been talk of a bench and some possible beer and wine partaking!

Overgrown allotment plot

The most daunting thing was getting the plot ready but we have until March before we can start planting so we will all do a bit at a time, individually or together, as and when we are able.

The allotment plot is now taking shape

The first raised bed is in place

In the wheel barrow are some of the large bits of flint removed from the plot. The pallets are ready for the next raised bed and a walkway through the middle of the plot.

View from the other end

A few weeks ago a guy from the parish council used a digger to scrape the top layer for us. We opted not to go for a rotavator as we didn’t want to dig in the couch grass. We plan on gradually digging a strip at a time and pulling the grass and roots out as we go.

My husband has been working on trying to get an edge to the plot and digging the strip as he goes. It is going to be hard work but this bit is the worse bit. It also gets dark early and has been quite cold so as we move into spring it should bring better conditions for working on it. It will also be much nicer working on it in the summer.

I will do some updates as we progress.

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4 Responses to Allotment plot

  1. marion says:

    Good for you, a new interest, good for your health, nice fresh fruit and veg,
    and a good social life.

  2. Carol says:

    That is exactly how we see it.

  3. david says:

    Good luck.

  4. Carol says:

    I think it may be hard work but it brings us together with friends and as we slow down on the work front it is good for Richard to have another interest as he is not good with not enough to do.

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