Day five of the flubenvet pellets

This morning as planned I separated Sparkle and gave her some corn and spinach as this is all she will eat now. I have given up on the pellet mash as she refuses to touch it. She ate some of the corn and a little spinach.

After an hour I let her out again as it was obvious that she wouldn’t eat any more. At lunch time I repeated the process. She voiced her complaint and refused to eat anything. Again I let her out after an hour.

Sparkle seems determined to only eat in the mornings so I think it’s a waste of time to separate her any more. It only distresses her. I think the time has come to leave her be and wait and see how she goes on. I can’t force her to eat. I am so frustrated by this but I am all out of ideas now.

Sparkle spent her afternoon perched up as usual

Sparkle spent her afternoon perched up as usual

Her flock mates watch over her

Her flock mates watch over her

Whatever will be will be.

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  1. David says:

    Hi, Carol
    Have just read your last several posts about Sparkle; you have done all that you possibly can do and a resignation to letting things develop as they will is a sensible idea, for your own emotional sanity. At least she is eating something, albeit once a day only. The change in her must be terribly acute: she always struck me as a busy, business-like little hen; at least leaving her in the company of the other girls for most of the time will make her contented. I do hope that whatever it is passes. I am putting off taking one of my welsummers, Cate, to the vet’s: I know it’s the end of the road. On the positive side, Eton has 5 chicks – 2 hatched from our own eggs and 3 day-olds from our local breeder. Thinking of you.

    • Thank you so much for this, it’s what I needed. I worry about doing the right thing but I think you are right in all that you say. Your sum up of sparkle is spot on.

      I sympathise with having to think about a visit to the vet because I know it may come to that eventually depending on how the outcome is with Sparkle. Only time will tell now.

      Five chicks, hurrah! It must be so lovely. Keep me posted.

      I will keep reporting on my situation and will love to get updates on your chicks. Send me photos when you can. Hurrah for chicks.

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