The worse serama moult we have ever had

Smoke went broody a few days after Sugar. With no girls laying I am keeping everything closed up and just opening the chicken shed at bedtime and closing it again in the morning.

Seramas usually moult a bit at a time but this year they are having a full moult. I put it down to having such a cold and cloudy August. They stopped laying at the end of August whereas they usually continue to lay through September and sometimes October.

I think this triggered the moult. I have never picked up so many serama feathers from the run including some longer tail and wing feathers. Salmon currently has no tail. I have never had a serama with no tail before. This usually only happens to the bigger girls.

Sugar and Smoke are the least tattered and I think this is because of the constant broody spells then laying again which means they have moulted more gradually although Smoke is missing her middle tail feathers.

A tail less Salmon

They look the untidiest flock of seramas we have ever had. It seems to be taking ages too but I am still hoping that they will all be fully feathered before the cold weather arrives.

It will be good to see them with their lovely new feathers in place.

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4 Responses to The worse serama moult we have ever had

  1. David says:

    It’s certainly full on, Salmon especially. One or two of mine look as though they’ve been plucked.

  2. marion says:

    It won’t be long and they will all be back to being beautiful.

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